Can Taking Abortion Decision Be Regretful?

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Can Taking Abortion Decision Be Regretful

Be it an abortion, continuing the pregnancy, or any other decision in life, if you haven’t really thought it through it before taking it, the chances that it is regretful are more! Hence, it is advised that you think twice before you buy abortion pills online and terminate the pregnancy at home.

What you should do to make you don’t regret a decision? 

The moment women come to know that the pregnancy tests are positive and this isn’t what they wanted, they immediately panic!

  • Do not panic. Take a deep breath. Try to understand the situation.
  • It is advised to speak to your partner or someone you trust.
  • Think of the after-effects if you continue the pregnancy.
  • Think of the after-effects if you ended the pregnancy.

After discussing with your trusted persons and healthcare provider, if abortion is the best solution for the situation, see if you are eligible for ending the pregnancy with pills. In any case, where you do not fit into the criteria for taking abortion pills, speak to the doctor and take appropriate methods for the same. In such cases, doctors suggest a surgical abortion. Taking abortion pills may result in health complications or may turn out to be harmful.

If you can end the pregnancy using abortion pills, 

  • Understand the procedure thoroughly
  • Administer the pills as instructed
  • Follow the precautions as guided

If you have followed every step as told by your healthcare provider, the medical abortion process is more likely to be successful.

How does it feel after a medical abortion? 

A medical abortion procedure is quite simple involving the consumption of a drug combination – Mifepristone and Misoprostol medicines.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol, both abortion pills are safe to take. There were women who never had confidence in medical abortion but had to take them as they eagerly wanted to end their pregnancy. As their process began, they started building trust in the pills and process of medical pregnancy termination. In the end, many of them could see the transformation in their emotions from being scared, anxious and depressed to being relieved and satisfied.

Since pregnancy is also associated with a lot of emotional changes, feeling regretful after an abortion could be possible. However, it does not stay long. Not every woman wants to end her pregnancy hates kids. You can still conceive and enjoy motherhood in the future even after the abortion.

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