Ways to Maintain Privacy During Medical Abortion

Look at your routine, are you a stay-at-home person or have to go out every day? Do you work remotely? Have to travel frequently? You will have to balance your routine in order to find at least 3 to 4 days off to self-perform medical abortion at home. Because on day 1 you take Mifepristone 200 mg orally with water. Then at least after 24 hours to 48 hours, administer Misoprostol pills 200mcg x 4 either buccally or vaginally. But at this time, you have to be indoors where the procedure can easily take place without disturbances. This will help you keep full privacy. Here is more to know about it.

1.      Prepare for all the Necessities Beforehand

Before you buy abortion pill kit online, there are a few things to arrange for. Since the bleeding will be heavy, you need to use maxi pads instead of regular pads, menstrual cups, or tampons. Do not douche or insert anything in the vagina. You will also need something to chomp and that has to be a healthy snack. So, you can consider a few items like nutritional bars, muesli, fruits, lean meat soups, etc.

Avoid intake of alcohol and fizzy drinks. Keep handy fresh paper towels, clean sets of clothes, and dispose of the used pads regularly in a safe place. If you do this prior, then during the procedure, you do not have to run along and hinder your privacy just for these items.

2.      Keep Room for Yourself and Privacy

If you cannot have the house entirely for yourself, there is nothing to be tensed about. You can buy abortion pill kit online and take it in your room itself. Make sure it has an attached bathroom. Or if not, ensure that no one disturbs you when you visit the washroom.

Even if someone does and gets an idea that you are bleeding, you can just say you are having a heavy period and want to be left alone for rest. Whenever you take the medicines, however, ensure no one sees you doing that. By following these steps, you can retain secrecy.

3.      Have Emergency Care Access Ready

While medical abortion is successful up to 95% of the time, rare complications may occur. This is the reason why many buy abortion pill kit online because of the success rate. Thus, you have to keep contact with emergency care with you. Make sure it is not too far and you have someone to drive you in if there is a sudden need.

If you live in a place where there are restrictions on pregnancy termination, then take Misoprostol buccally by mouth and not vaginally. Because the cover of the medicine can take time to dissolve in the vagina in case you are in the emergency room, then you will leave evidence. So, buccal intake is advisable here.

4.      Go for a Follow Up After 2 Weeks

You must have completed the abortion in privacy but do not forget the follow-up with the physician 14 days later. You do not have to tell you buy abortion pill kit online and how you take the medicine. Here too you do not have to tell the physician that you took the pills. But say that you have come for an ultrasound of the abdomen to check if you are pregnant.

If the scan reveals the uterus is empty, there is no issue at all. But if the termination did not work as expected then some products of conception may be there inside. And if the doctor enquires, simply say that you probably were pregnant and had a miscarriage.

To Conclude

Medical abortion is a simple process, and if you are doing so meaning to keep the secret to yourself, then you can do so. You do not have to talk about what you did to anyone. Until and unless you are sure to share about the pregnancy termination, no one has to know. Also, you can take the necessary steps as listed in this blog, to conduct the procedure in comfort and privacy. Just in case you need someone along during the medication method, then you can ask that person to be along with you for support.

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