What Do Women Expect From Their Partner During A Medical Abortion?

What Do women expect from their partner during a medical abortion

Though medical termination of pregnancy appears to be easy, a crucial part of the medical abortion process is not the medication but how she consumes it and deal with the after-effects of abortion pills.

The abortion pills work up to 9 weeks of gestation. When a woman consumes them, she encounters certain after effects including cramps in the lower belly area. The important aftereffect involves bleeding from the vagina. That’s how the fetal tissues get removed from the body. As a partner, you must know the phases involved in the procedure and ensure that your partner is not facing in the complications.

To understand the situation: 

There are many women in the world who struggle with an unwanted pregnancy situation, yet fail to speak to their partners. When interviewed, the fear of disturbing the relationship was the answer came from many.

Understand the situation of the partner in her unwanted pregnancy should be difficult. Additionally, if the couple comes together and solves this problem, the medical abortion procedure could be even better.

When you know her situation and emotionally support her during the process, it leads to faster recovery from the medical abortion procedure. Because when she has a shoulder to pour her heart out and strength to come out of the situation the positivity around her contribute to the process.

That’s all she expects from you. However, if you genuinely wish to support her, you can do the following: 

  • Learn about the medical pregnancy termination procedure. If she doesn’t know the whys and wherefores of the process, you can help her out with the same.
  • Bring her the necessary requirements of the medical abortion process. You can help her buy abortion pill kit. Other things can include pads, fruits, fluids, etc.
  • If she feels too weak to work, you can help her do house chores, letting her rest for a few days.
  • To make her time positive and energetic, you can watch her favorite movies, sing, draw with her.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Do not arouse her to have sexual intercourse since her vagina has become vulnerable due to the procedure.
  • Let her lift heavy objects or perform extensive physical activities.
  • Disrespect her decision of aborting the pregnancy and letting her down emotionally.

Your support during the medical abortion procedure can bring about a positive result. In fact, there are many couples who found a new start to their relationship due to a medical pregnancy termination procedure.