How to use abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol at home?

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 Misoprostol & Mifepristone At Home

Abortion pills of mifepristone and misoprostol are sold extensively over the counter for unwanted pregnancy cases. The process of using the pills is simple as well as complex for certain groups of people. When homely practices are concerned it is advisable to use Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit while getting a check on the labels.

One needs to carefully evaluate the different dosages of mg and mcg. This will further be useful as the effects are monitored accordingly, with the correct amount of medication.

Using the pills:
The following steps are followed to use the combination of pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol:

First step: Mifepristone is to be swallowed with water, before or after food according to one’s condition. If one doesn’t go well with the pill, she may throw up which indicates that the pill did not work. This usually happens in a matter of 60 minutes.

Second step: After 28-48 hours of ingesting the first pill, one may choose to wait for 24 hours or further in the time frame of 48 being last. Subsequently, there is no such difference in the time periods and the effectiveness of the pills.

Third Step: Use misoprostol by putting four pills under the sublingual area of the tongue. The pills will have to remain under the tongue for at least 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes, the pills would be getting absorbed into the system. After 30 minutes one can drink water to flush down the remaining ingredients into the body.

Even during 30 minutes of intaking the Cytolog Misoprostol abortion pill, vomiting can occur. This further states that the pill did not work. In such cases, it is necessary to repeat step four immediately. Just after 30 minutes, if vomiting occurs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t absorbed and step 4 can be stalled.

At times more misoprostol is needed when there is no extra bleeding or lighter bleeding after 3 hours of using both pills. In such cases, extra misoprostol is needed to be consumed. Consequently, if there is bleeding just like period days within 3 hours or less, the need to consume more misoprostol is not needed.

If all the above didn’t go well, one can place 2 pills of Misoprostol under the tongue for 3 minutes and further wait for 3 hours. If there is still no bleeding, after 3 hours of this process additional 2 pills of Misoprostol can be used like before.

Furthermore, if there is still no bleeding one may have to call on the medical professional or healthcare center to see what’s wrong.

General symptoms are expected when using both pills. Mifepristone doesn’t bear any visible symptoms. At times if one happens to bleed after taking Mifepristone, the second pill is needed to be consumed on priority for the procedure to work completely.

Misoprostol does have some effects which include cramping and bleeding mostly. Some women even experience blood clots as well. Misoprostol induces some effects which can actually indicate that the pills have worked, so only after using Misoprostol that one account for some change in symptoms.

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