Some Basic Health Test That Every Women Should Do

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In today’s generation, it is very important to maintain good health as the food intake nowadays is not natural and healthy such as pizza, burgers, and other kinds of stuff. Thus, it is essential for everyone to have a health test that can rectify whether your medical condition is fit or not. Mostly in the case of women, it is very important to keep track of their reproductive health as women’s health is of major concern when it comes to having a child.

Every woman should remove time from their everyday schedule and do yoga, stress management therapies, regular exercise, and keep a habit to eat healthy food. Maintaining health screenings that can detect the health issues early is one of the priority habits. 

Regular checkups can save your life when you detect disease early you can avoid any further complications and improve your quality of life. Thus, there are few tests that women should do gradually once during their lifetime. Further, let’s understand it with the help of this blog.

The first and the most important test which every individual should do is 

Blood pressure test:
Hypertension or blood pressure test is a diagnosis carried out if your blood pressure is more than 140/90  as high blood pressure can cause other health difficulties. It is said that you should do a blood test every 2 years if it is under 120/80. In case of high blood pressure, you may need to have it checked more often. Blood pressure is linked to many other complications, so your medical practitioner my guide you to have other tests as well for e.g. Diabetes. 

Dental exam:
It is important to take care of your teeth along with your body.  So it is recommended to visit a dentist once a year for dental check-up and cleaning.

Eye exam:
This is one of the important checkups one should do. Get a vision check-up from each other. If you do not have any complications then the check-up is not necessary, however, if you notice any complications then visit your eye specialist and get the check-up done.

Other important women’s health tests that especially every woman should do are listed below:

Diabetes test:
If you are in high danger of diabetes, you may be screened for prediabetes and diabetes at regular intervals beginning in your 40s. If in case that your circulatory strain is more than 135/80 or you have elevated cholesterol levels, your health care practitioner may screen you for type 2 diabetes.

Pap Smears:
From the age of 21 till 60+ women should do a Pap Smear test every  3 years. In pap smears your medical practitioner will examine your vaginal cell changes that can cause cervical cancer. If your age is more than 30 then you should do the test every 5 years.

Breast test:
Starting in your forties, your medical expert will recommend your annual breast report. They will apparently and physically examine your breast and check the differences in shape or size, rashes, fiddle, and lumps. They may furthermore verify whether your nipples deliver a liquid when carefully pressed. 

You should know about how your breast changes, look, and how it feels and report any progressions to your doctor. 

Cholesterol Check:
This is an apparatus used to survey your danger of developing coronary illness or stroke. In case you’re age 20 years or more, you should have your cholesterol checked at least once, recommend the medical expert. Your overall cholesterol levels should ideally be under 200 milligrams for each deciliter (mg/dl); a marginal high perusing is somewhere in the range of 200 and 239 mg/dl. In the event that you are in danger of heart illness or stroke, make an appointment with your medical practitioner for how frequently you should do a cholesterol check.

This test screens breast cancer which includes compressing the plates between the breast so that the X-ray images can be captured. Women should do a mammogram every two years as the research has found out that the risk of breast cancer increases as you grow older. 

Thus, these are some of the basic steps that should be done on a time to time basis to keep a check on your health and avoid any kind of medical consequences.

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