Abortion Pill and Pregnancy Ending Figures in the U.S. 1990-2014

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Based on healthcare surveys, in 2014 977,000 pregnancy terminations happened, which shifted down from 2013 figures of 984,000 and in 2012 from 1.02 million. The most used method was clinical vacuum aspiration and abortion pills. In 2011 U.S. 1.06 million unborn were aborted, dwindling in numbers from the 2008 year (1.21 million), 2005 year (1.2 million) to 1.29 million in 2002, and 1.36 million in 1996, Between 1973 to 2011, 53 million legal pregnancies ending took place in U.S.

It is noted that 21% of all pregnancies in the U.S., except miscarriages, end via the termination method. California reported 181,730 pregnancies ending against 138,370 in New York, 84,990 in Florida, 600 in South Dakota, 1,250 in Dakota, and 120 in Wyoming. Women increasingly prefer MTP Kit medications for the purpose of getting rid of an accidental or unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion Figures in the U.S. and European Nations

In 2011, Mississippi recorded the lowest pregnancy termination and New York the highest. 17.5 births in Mississippi were against a pregnancy ending in the region against 2.3 births for every termination in New York. Females were either given abortion pills for inducing the pregnancy stoppage or surgery. In the U.S. the figures for so declined after 1990’s but were at their peak from 1973 to 1979.

  • Overall annual pregnancy terminations in the state fell by 6% from 2000 to 2009. There was a temporary increase in figures of people taking abortion pills MTP Kit or dilation curettage method from 2002 to 2002 as per CDC.
  • The report also stated that the ratio and a total number of pregnancy endings lowered by 4% from 2011 to 2012. In California, there was 17% reduction in the same for 2011. New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia equate approximately to the figures reported by the U.S.
  • But, the later has a higher ratio of terminations compared to other Western European countries. The advent of people purchasing online abortion pills too saw a rise compared to those getting products from hospitals. This was due to new restrictions placed on the access of pregnancy termination services.
  • In the United States pregnancy ending for 2005 was higher than present rates of the same in Western European countries, Canada, Cuba, China, Eastern European countries, and few regions from the Soviet. Many buy abortion pills online to suit privacy concerns.
  • Unmarried women in 2012 were reported to choose abortion pills or surgery for 85.3% of terminations, and those living in with partners accounted for 25% of the procedure, with only 10% females in the population.

How are Abortion Pills Consumed?

In the medication method, the user first orally consumed Mifepristone anti-progesterone tablets and then follows with Misoprostol tablets on the third day. A female can purchase online abortion pills to receive fast shipping of the product to her residence. These medicines can be used at home. Anti-progesterone action detaches the fetus from the placenta nutrition and the endometrium lining holding pregnancy together.

When the fetus parts and cervix loosen, then prostaglandin analog delivers womb contractions, which allowed eviction of fetal remains from the vagina. The remnants from the utilization of abortion pills are flushed away through heavy bleeding. The person can discharge large blood clots consisting of pregnancy sections. The regimen concludes in 14 days though light bleeding can be expected for four weeks.

Who Take Abortion Pills?

In 2012, females who had not given live birth previously amounted to 40.3% of the pregnancy terminations. But 45.8% recorded one or two previous live births, while 14.0% of women had given three or more such births. Plenty of young females took abortion pill online with prime medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol to end 63 days gestational pregnancy or lesser than that duration.

Why Women Terminate Pregnancy?

The significant reasons why women select to termination pregnancy is school or work responsibilities, interference at the professional and personal life, financial troubles, and other called off the live birth-given problems with single parenthood from widow status or issues with their partner/husband, etc. 12% women did take MTP Kit medicines because of a physical problem or and 1% of them were survivors from sexual violence.

When to Use Abortion Pills?

89 to 92% of all the pregnancy endings happen before 13 weeks of gestation that is in the first trimester. For early termination, buy abortion pill MTP kit online with credit card is valid, but vacuum aspiration is a safer choice after 12 weeks of pregnancy. 7.2% of the procedures in 2012 happened from 14 to 20 weeks gestation, and 1.3% recorded at 21 weeks or lower. Gestation weeks are evaluated from the woman’s first date of her last menses, and not from conception day.

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