What are the options to deal with an unwanted pregnancy?

options to deal with an unwanted pregnancy

There can be many reasons for an unwanted pregnancy situation. What’s important is the woman’s take on it and her decision regarding the same. Though no decision should be taken in a hurry, one should also not be too late to make the decision. For instance, if the woman wants to buy abortion pills to end the pregnancy, she should be firm on her decision and do it before she reaches 9 weeks of her pregnancy gestation.

There are two options for pregnancy. You either continue it or end it through a safe abortion method. This blog helps you guides you through various options before you.

  • Continuing the pregnancy

You must know what your heart wants and how the decision will impact your health, mind and your future. If the surrounding circumstances take you in favor of continuing the pregnancy, you should consider it! Speak to your partner what you feel, he may understand your feelings better and help you find away. If the upbringing of the future child is in secure hands and the baby can bring about positivity, think twice before you take any decision.

  • Terminating the pregnancy 

Medical Abortion: 

This is a way of ending a pregnancy, known to be self induce medical abortion at home. In this, you can buy abortion pill and undergo the pregnancy termination procedure at home.

Anti-progesterone medicines: 

  • Mifepristone
  • Mifeprex
  • Generic RU 486

Prostaglandin medicines: 

  • Misoprostol
  • Cytolog

To have a successful medical termination of pregnancy, you should have anyone pill from the anti-progesterone drugs along with any one of the prostaglandin drugs. For instance, if you are taking Mifepristone from the three, one pill of 200 mg is adequate to make hormonal changes in the body. This makes pregnancy stop growing.

From the other two options of prostaglandin pills, if you have chosen Misoprostol, four pills of 200 mcg are adequate to being contractions in the uterus. It makes the pregnancy contents be removed from the body. With medical abortion, you can end the pregnancy within a week or two.

Surgical Abortion: 

It is an invasive way of ending an unwanted pregnancy. This method is typically used when the gestation of pregnancy is more than 9 weeks. Since it is a comparatively expensive method of ending a pregnancy, women typically turn to medical abortion method for abortion.


An uneventful pregnancy should not lead to depressive situations and hence, it is important that problems like these have to be shared openly. When you get into such an unwanted pregnancy situation, it is important that you speak your heart out.

There are women healthcare support cells in many e-pharmacies which help women deal with the unwanted pregnancy situation. Reach out them. Understand how you can continue or end it in a safe way.