The Three Most Common Views on Abortion

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Abortion is a close-to-heart topic, nearly every person has some sort of opinion and perception about pregnancy termination. These perceptions of abortion can fall into a spectrum of opposition to somewhere middle in line to allow it legally. Eventually, anyone who has a well-defined position on abortion can be categorized into three categories.

Pro-Choice View

Essentially, Pro-choice supporters say that women should be able to legally buy abortion pills and access surgeries. Most Americans and members of the American Supreme court believe that women have the constitutional right to pregnancy termination. Under this view, as articulated by the Supreme Court decision in the landmark case of Roe vs. Wad in 1973, abortion must remain legal in every state of America.

Under this standard, any state that keeps or seeks to ban pregnancy cancellation poses an undue burden on pregnant women seeking termination and is therefore unconstitutional as per the Roe vs. Wade decision.

The first abortion pill was invented in 1988 in France, called the “RU-486” later called Mifepristone, however, due to American public sentiment at that time and the power of pro-life supporters the pill couldn’t be introduced in the country till 2000.

Recently, the anti-abortion movement has gained a lot of traction and therefore much action has been taken to outlaw abortions.

Pro-Life View

Overall, women who oppose abortion are called “pro-life” supporters and therefore feel that they have the responsibility of protecting every embryo’s life. They also, as a consequence believe that there should be no constitutional right to abortion.

However, most supporters of this ban on any abortive procedure also believe that an exception should be made for women who are pregnant as a consequence of rape/incest or whose pregnancy may lead their life or health in danger.

Those who support the federal ban on pregnancy terminations, usually support making amends to the U.S Constitution to overturn Roe vs. Wade completely.

Recently, due to the nomination of Donald Trump as the president, activities for overturning Roe vs. Wade have increased, with the president himself promising to appoint pro-life Judges.

Even so, it has been proven time and again that restricting abortions does not stop them or lessen their numbers. In fact, a survey showed that in areas where all reproductive choices were available for women freely, a lesser amount of terminations took place and more in countries where it was restricted.

Many women from areas where they cannot access abortive services easily buy MTP Kit online, a kit that contains all essential abortion pills.

State Decision

Not everyone who is opposed to pregnancy termination believes that the government should ban abortion in all cases.

In fact, the most common view held among the 2008 Republican presidential candidates was that the federal government shouldn’t involve in the matters of abortion rights debate either way- it should be the state legislators who must decide whether to ban or not ban them.

Therefore, the aforementioned condition would be the de-facto status quo if the Roe vs. Wade decision is ever overturned, which is highly possible post-Trump win.

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