Plan B emergency birth control helps in Definite Prevention of Pregnancy

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As an effective birth control pill, plan B birth control can be used later to an unprotected intercourse. The product has artificial levonorgestrel and progestin hormone. It requires being taken within 24-72 hours of lovemaking for getting complete protection against an unwanted pregnancy.

It works by stopping ovulation, implantation, and curtailing sperms from fertilizing mature eggs. Women can buy Plan B and benefit from a sure prohibiting of pregnancy. It is mostly consumed, when non-hormonal contraceptive device breaks, malfunctions, or birth control tablets are missed.

When to take Plan B?

The medicine must be administered orally, as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse. Do not delay consumption of Plan B pills (first dose). It has to be taken within 24 to 72 hours of intimacy, or the tablet may not work. Using the product between stipulated periods allow its working to remain uninterrupted. Ingest the second tablet after an interval of 12 hours from the initial dosage. This product can be taken even when the user is menstruating.


This medicinal method of prohibiting pregnancy is most commonly used by women than intra-uterine devices. Plan B price is cost-friendly, as a majority of users have dropped positive feedback regarding its cost. This tablet comes in handy for females at an emergency call for ceasing chances of getting pregnant, especially when there is another way out for contraception. The product also delivers a quick and non-invasive way of planning a family, helping several married women, worldwide. It is highly accessible, and of superior quality, controlling birth on short notice.

Side Effects:

Users of this birth control measure can experience mild and temporary side effects, which are risk-free and part of the pregnancy prevention procedure. These consequences could be nausea, fatigue, headache, and change in menses dates, abdominal cramping, vomiting etc.

None of these causes any grave complications. Initially or before menses, the woman can bleed lightly or none at all. Plan B side effects vary across users, and may not be similar in nature. However, females can contact a health professional if any severe pain or weakness is noticed.

Where to get Plan B?

Luckily, this medicine is also available at internet pharmacies catering FDA approved products. Women can order Plan B from us at the reasonable cost. Contact our customer care for the purchase of this medicine through ‘live chat’, email address or toll-free number.

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