Is There a Chance to Get Pregnant Soon After Abortion?

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Have you undergone an abortion lately? If so, you may have a question in mind – can you conceive soon after pregnancy termination? The answer to this is a yes. The abortion pill procedure has no ill effects on the chances to conceive. If you are sexually active, then it is moreover advisable to use birth control to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. So, what are the safety and risk factors of using abortion pills? How soon can you conceive? When should you plan to get pregnant?

Why the abortion pills have no effects on future pregnancies? And which pregnancy test you must get if you conceive immediately after abortion? These are some of the questions we will provide the facts for.

Safety and Risks of Medical Abortion

In a medical abortion, Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills come in use. They stop the pregnancy from advancing by blocking the progesterone hormone. The uterine lining sheds. This causes the fetus to disengage from the endometrial lining. Misoprostol causes uterine contractions. It helps to remove the pregnancy parts from the womb. The cervix also widens to easily exit the products of conception. Then heavy vaginal bleeding follows to empty the uterus.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol treatment combinedly has a success rate of 99%. Thus, the risk of pregnancy termination failure is less. Misoprostol pills alone are 85% effective. Complications if any are usually because of incorrect use of the pills. And this may lead to increased bleeding or sepsis. In some cases, an infection can result. And this may interfere with the reproductive health of the person.

The risks of complications in a future pregnancy are greater from invasive pregnancy termination. Here, the risk of scarring of the uterus or harm to the cervix is greater because of the use of equipment. But abortion pills help you with the spontaneous removal of products of conception. It is just like a natural miscarriage but induced by medicine.

When Can Pregnancy Take Place After Abortion?

Soon after ending your pregnancy, the chances of pregnancy are within 2 weeks. This is because of ovulation, which can take 2 weeks to happen after the procedure. But depending on one individual to another, the menstrual cycle length can vary. Also, the earlier you are into gestation age (duration of pregnancy), the sooner the ovulation may occur.

Those with advanced pregnancies going through an abortion may at least have a few weeks in hand before conceiving. Following a medical abortion, you must start with birth control within 3 to 8 days. But do this only if you are sexually active. Otherwise, there is no need to go through any additional method of contraception.

When Should You Try to Conceive Following an Abortion?

The perfect time for pregnancy after abortion is when the heavy vaginal bleeding stops. Not only this, the abortion bleeding must completely go. And, you should do it at least give 3 weeks before vaginal intercourse, if not more. Avoid inserting anything inside the vagina during this moment. This includes menstrual cups and tampons, lest giving rise to the risk of infection.

This will also give time for the cervix to heal. And the ovulation has to come back to normalcy. But your healthcare provider may advise you to wait until the first menstrual period passes. Only then you must think of conceiving. That assists to get a better estate of the delivery date for the following pregnancy.

And to completely assure yourself of any risks and complications, waiting for a few months before the next pregnancy occurs, is more conducive and healthier. At this time, if the individual has any mixed feelings about having her pregnancy terminated or other issues, it can be handled easily. And you can then better prepare for pregnancy.

How to Check for a Pregnancy That Happens After an Abortion?

If you conceive almost before the pregnancy hormone level goes down, then which pregnancy test will give better accuracy? It is an ultrasound scanning of the uterus. This will reveal the location of the pregnancy as well as the exact duration of the pregnancy. The ultrasound pregnancy test is unaffected by the high levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This is usually seen during pregnancy and for a few days to weeks after abortion.

A blood test is the second most reliable option. But this method of pregnancy check is not that accurate because hCG hormone levels may show up in the report. And the presence of pregnancy hormones may make you confused if you are pregnant or not. You must avoid depending on a home pregnancy test kit. Because testing the urine sample will give the wrong idea of pregnancy taking place. A pregnancy test kit may show an accurate check for conception after 3 weeks of abortion.

If the pregnancy is intrauterine, you are safe. But an ectopic pregnancy, fertilization outside the uterus, is harmful and life-threatening. In this scenario, you have to choose pregnancy termination through surgery. If you find any signs of pregnancy or miss a period once the menses regularize, then perhaps it is time to check if you have conceived.

To Conclude

Abortion does not risk your chances of getting pregnant in the future. You can conceive soon after an abortion if you are sexually active, and do not use birth control. To plan for pregnancy following an abortion, there are a few factors you must consider. And if you need to get tested for pregnancy, choose the most effective and convenient method of pregnancy testing as per the advice of your physician.

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