How can you have sex avoiding unwanted pregnancy?

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No woman gets pregnant intentionally to terminate it later. Yes, an online abortion pill can help you out to get out of the stress of unwanted pregnancy. It performs an abortion for the first trimester pregnancies. Yes, the abortion pill is a popular solution that works on unintended pregnancy. However, women always try to avoid unwanted pregnancies as they prefer planned conception.

Women who wish to prevent such unwanted pregnancies can use various forms of methods that bring about pregnancy prevention.

Use protection: 

When you are getting into sexual intercourse, use a condom for protection. There are several other options for having protected sexual intercourse. Birth Control pills such as Ovral and Ovral G are considered some of the most effective methods of pregnancy prevention.

The vaginal ring or copper IUDs are also used by many women to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. These solutions are for women who are looking for a long-term pregnancy prevention plan since the aforementioned prevention methods avoid pregnancy for around six months.

What can you do when you have unprotected sexual intercourse? 

If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse, you can administer plan B medication which successfully prevents conception. This is also known as an emergency contraceptive pill, which is consumed within 72 hours after you have had sexual intercourse.

This pill is not similar to normal contraceptive pills and works when you consume it soon after unprotected sexual intercourse. If you have crossed 72 hours, the medication may not work.

In such a case, you can track your menstrual cycle and learn if you are pregnant. You can use abortion pills to end an unplanned pregnancy if you happen to conceive from unprotected sex.

Abortion pills work if they are consumed within the first nine weeks of pregnancy gestation. By making hormonal changes in the body, the pregnancy termination medications remove pregnancy tissues from the

Some myths about avoiding pregnancy: 

  • If you pull the penis out before it ejaculates, you can get away with an unwanted pregnancy.
  • The contraceptive pill works even if you start taking it right before having sexual intercourse.
  • If the female partner is on her period, the couple can avoid pregnancy.

Although women can easily buy abortion pills to abort their unwanted pregnancies, women should endeavor to have protected sexual intercourse. This way, couples can prevent unintended pregnancy problems and keep tension at bay.

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