How to Cease Pregnancy Safely with Abortion Pills?

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You may be aware that medical abortion pills are available for a non-surgical end of early embryo development (9 weeks or less). However, how to go about with the procedure, prepare yourself and what to expect are few aspects not everyone will tell you. Here are steps on how to buy online abortion pills and use them successfully for a safe termination of 63 days (or less) of pregnancy.

Get Checked with Doctor for Health Problems

Though an abortion pill is a perfect way to end 9 week embryo in womb, you do need to know if there are any health issues, hindering with the procedure. Thus, get a regular check-up with doctor to understand condition of fetus and if you are suffering from any disease that can affect action of medical abortion pills. Those who are already breast-feeding their children may be asked to not go ahead with the process, as an abortion pill like Misoprostol or Mifepristone interferes with lactation.

Receive an Abortion Pill from Trustable Sources

Healthcare clinics for parenting, pregnancy and childcare will possess abortion pills. However, if you wish to get them at a low cost by keeping this a secret, then you can purchase abortion pill online. Compare the medicines by reading reviews and rates with that of other internet pharmacies for best deal.  Another word of caution is to understand all the terms and conditions put by the seller and precautions while you buy online abortion pills.

The Onset of Consuming Abortion Pill

The necessary precautions like avoiding- alcohol drinking, oily edibles, smoking, physically working out etc are mandatory before staring the procedure. You will be required to check with doctor after the third day and the other consecutive 2 weeks on knowing the state of terminated pregnancy. Considering these factors, you can hand in Mifepristone pill, by inserting it beneath tongue cavity above lower jaw. After it finishes by natural saliva in 30 minutes, consume the left over.

This method may have to be undergone few times in a day, overseeing an interval of 180 minutes (3 hours), as per recommended dosage. Once the medicine is active, you will feel pain in pelvic area and abdomen. This abortion pill online deceases progesterone that helps cracking uterus lining, weakening the embryo and parts of fetus pregnancy. You will begin to discomfort in vagina and may bleed.

The Progress of Terminating 9 Week Pregnancy

 The next stage of consumption for Misoprostol tablet is alike Mifepristone. This abortion pill causes the womb to compress and expand, driving cramps in fetus and heavy blood flow from vagina. Thus, your pregnancy parts cannot remain in womb now, and are gradually washed out with blood, quitting embryo remains. In a day or more, you will be not pregnant anymore. However, as advised prior, meet a doctor to confirm the outcome. Sometimes, the fetus parts are still lodged and may need surgical removal.

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