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Why is Abortionpillrx given regimen the most recommended?

Due to information spread around swiftly due to the internet, the accessibility of everything has become easy. Just like that, women all around the world to access info on having pregnancy termination with Mifeprex and Misoprostol abortion pills on the net. Due to some inconsistencies in the data regarding the regimen from different sources, there is some confusion left as to what regimen and dosage to follow.

According to research, there is one method of taking abortion pills that is the most optimal. This is the regimen that is recommended on our website. Here is why it’s the best.

The FDA recommended optimal regimen for abortion with pills

The most recommended regimen for medical abortion is a combination of anti-progesterone [200mg] and prostaglandin analogue [800mcg]. This is most commonly given in the dosage of 1 Mifepristone 200 mg and 4 Misoprostol  800 mcg.

Women can also buy Mifeprex and Cytolog, which are the brand versions of  Mifepristone and Misoprostol respectively.

The regimen is as follows –

First, consume a tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg orally. After an interval of 24-48 hours, put the four misoprostol pills in the cheek pouches and let them dissolve naturally for 30 minutes before swallowing them with water. You can also have the pills inserted vaginally instead of taking them in cheek pouches.

It must be noted that both vaginal and buccal [ cheek pouches] administration methods are quick and effective; however buccal administration is recommended. This is because there is no possibility of leftover tablets remaining in the body with the buccal administration.

This regimen of abortion pills procedure has a success rate of more than 96-97%.

Are other dosages of anti-progesterone and prostaglandin analogue possible?

The goal of the regimen is to find the lowest dosage of both drugs to be effective – i.e. to have the highest efficacy and cause the lowest amount of side effects.

As per FDA’s new rule since 2016 March you must order Mifeprex/ Mifepristone in 200 mg dosage rather than 600 mg as it was earlier. This is because of research that proves that you only need 200 mg of anti-progesterone to have a pregnancy terminated medically.

Meanwhile for prostaglandin analogue, the oral administration must be avoided due to the low efficacy and failure rates that are associated with this type of administration. Instead buccal route is recommended.

As per research buccal route has more efficacy rate [96%] compared to vaginal route [86%]. The dosage of 800 mcg which is taken all at once is also optimal. This is because the repeated dosage of Misoprostol causes more side effects.

Is the time interval between abortion pills dosage important?

The most certified interval used in between two dosages is actually 36-48 hours, as it is the time when the uterus is most sensitive to the prostaglandin analogue. If you get Misoprostol and Mifeprex online, know that the time break can be reduced and extended to 24 to 72 hours respectively, without compromising the effectiveness of the medicines, as per new studies.

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Mifeprex (Mifepristone): Beneficial in early pregnancy termination

Will taking the pill cause termination of pregnancy?

Yes, Mifeprex (also known as Mifepristone) can actively cause termination of pregnancy that is of early period. Here, early period involve the first 49 days of pregnancy (7 weeks) although the guidance period for consumption is first 7 to 9 weeks. Women users are required to follow up healthy requirement during the course as it provides a proper balancing of medical solution and user health.
Mifeprex is the primary medicine that actually causes one to have natural miscarriage with Mifeprex. Consuming the medicine on prescribed period of time helps with timely ending of the pregnancy and better health of the user. The user can confirm the termination process in a period of 14 days at a clinic.

Can taking Mifeprex cause harm to the body?

Mifeprex is FDA approved and recommended across the globe for case like unwanted early abortion. Mifeprex or Mifepristone cause no harm to the user’s health as the medicine helps in providing one safe abortion and no damage or injury to one’s health. Body health factor is essential and taking into priority, medical science has formulated with the quality anti-progesterone component to make Mifeprex. Medical experts advise Mifeprex consumption as the primary dosage to end the pregnancy issue. Consuming Mifeprex is easy and helpful unlike surgical method wherein one requires using surgical tools, equipments and anesthesia during the process. Global women population opts for Mifeprex for its reliability in timely abortion termination.

Should I consider taking Mifeprex

Users can effectively consume Mifeprex medicine if their pregnancy period has not crossed 7 to 9 weeks timeline as it is highly essential for females to note their pregnancy period prior to using Mifeprex.
A user is still recommended to make priority use of sanitary pads during the process as it helps in controlling the bleeding level during the course. Users who are undergoing Ectopic Pregnancy are not allowed without consulting the doctor. Ectopic Pregnancy is the one that occurs outside the uterus and doctor consulting is highly essential.
If you are considering using Mifeprex, ensure there is ample amount of privacy factor involved during the period of time as it is essential to have more privacy during the entire process.

Which is the best period of time to consider taking Mifeprex?

Mifeprex is recommended for consumption when the user is going through the first 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. No consumption of dose is permitted in case the pregnancy period is above 9 weeks as in such cases one is required to consult the doctor prior to any medication (Self-Administration).
During the course period, make sure one gets proper privacy during the process. If you are using IUD (contraceptive component), it is compulsory for the user to ensure the component is removed out of the body during usage of Mifeprex. The medicine requires combination of a secondary medicine to cause expulsion of the dead embryo. This helps in concluding the pregnancy abortion.

Are there any side-effects involved?

As like every medicine, one is required to consume only the essential dose of Mifeprex. Over consumption is strictly prohibited. There are no major side-effects with proper administration of the medicine. Certain after effects such as Dizziness, Headache, Vomiting, Nausea, Mood swings, Heavy vaginal bleeding and strong cramping pain in abdomen. These are certain type of effects that are expected and involve normal solution to conclude. Being a quality product, it helps in safe abortion process.

Can I get pregnant after consuming

One can have a safe medical abortion during the course period. The solution only ends the current required abortion and does not cause any type of effects on future pregnancies. A woman can get pregnant then after.

Guidance to using Mifeprex (Mifepristone) for ending early pregnancy

Why Medical Abortion is preferred?
Women around the globe come across the issue of feeling emotionally down and majority of the women are basically concerned about how they will feel during these emotional break downs and process that is involved during the abortion process. To provide a clear supporting measure, one can make use of Medical Abortion process to end the risk of pregnancy at an early stage. Medical abortion is usually conducted on those persons who are in their first 9 week of pregnancy period.

What is Mifeprex
Mifeprex (Mifepristone) is an active and primary medicine for termination procedure wherein the user is simply required to consume the medicine at one’s convenience and privacy but under the strict regime of first 63 days of pregnancy i.e. 9 weeks period. Mifeprex helps in safe ending of the pregnancy and causes blocking of the progesterone hormone. The surgical measures cause one to feel hard anxiety during the process and gain more pressure as it also involves provisioning of the medical history to the clinic for record purpose.

Advice for using Mifeprex
Mifeprex is advised for every woman who is in her first 9 weeks of pregnancy stage as it simply requires consumption and no other treatments during the course period. Mifeprex is advised to end pregnancy of early stage with no risk of surgical measures during the course. The tablet helps in completion of the process by oral consumption.
Majority of the techniques can be accomplished during the process as the pack comes in easy consumable format.  During the session, user is required to maintain proper diet and no allowance of smoking and alcohol consumption is allowed during the process.
Consume with a glass of water as it is an oral product.

Dosage strength and pattern
Mifeprex medicine is basically Mifepristone formulated with anti-progesterone component. Each tablet involves 200 mcg dose strength and a total of 3 tablets are to be consumed at once, orally. The course is to be completed by consuming the secondary medicine of Misoprostol or applicable ones so as to conclude the process.
Make sure privacy and comfort is maintained.

How does abortion occur with Mifeprex?
Mifeprex involves the anti-progesterone compound. During pregnancy, one requires progesterone for successful completion of the pregnancy process and with Mifeprex, the progesterone effects are prevented. There is narrowing of the lining of the uterus. With no access to progesterone component, the pregnancy process is ended thus terminating the early pregnancy.

What to ensure during the process?
1) Available stock of sanitary pads: This is highly essential as during the process, one gets to soak the heavy vaginal bleeding and with timely stock, one gets to complete the course with ease.
2) Emergency contact numbers: With heavy vaginal bleeding, one requires to keep handy certain emergency numbers in case the user feels too fatigued / dizzy during the course.

Are there any user-usage restrictions?
1) Women who are usually above the 9 week pregnancy period.
2) Users with IUD placed. For consumption of Mifeprex, the user is required to remove the IUD.
3) Women with ectopic pregnancy case should avoid consuming or making use of the medicine. Ectopic case of pregnancy involves the pregnancy that is actually outside of the uterus.

Possible side-effects of Mifeprex
Users are informed that during the course period, one should expect experiencing of heavy vaginal bleeding and stomach cramping issues. The possible after effects are headache, mood swing, uneasiness, case of fatigue or tiredness due to heavy vaginal bleeding and fever at times. The after effects are temporary in nature and are quick to get resolved.

The user can consult for confirming completion of the medical abortion at the clinic after a period of 14 days.