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Abortion Statistics That You Need To Know


Although pregnancy is wonderful, it is not the same feeling for every woman. Some women have to go through pregnancy termination due to various reasons. Most women choose to end their pregnancy due to safety or other external factors such as financial stability, broken relationships, etc. Be it a medical abortion or a surgery, the US and other such countries are rethinking their regulations of abortion to make them in favor of women.

This blog talks about some abortion statistics that will blow your mind. From no acceptance at all to a gradually increased number of legal abortion, women have become more open about abortions. Here are some statistics that women should know.

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Why Abortions Happen Today?


Recent studies suggested that there’s a slight rise in the number of abortion cases. The awareness of protected sexual intercourse and education about safe contraception method has increased in the past years. That being said, the number of abortion is still not reduced.

Earlier, women would try unsafe abortion practices to end their unwanted pregnancy. Such cases did not have an official count. Today’s women have become a little open about talking of unintended pregnancy and ending it through online abortion pills.

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When Should You Get Medical Attention During Abortion Procedure?


Ending an unwanted pregnancy does not mean that you never wish to start your family. Many couples have medical abortion pills to end their pregnancy yet wish to start a family soon after the abortion.

Abortion pills do not typically have any impact on future pregnancies. Having said that, a woman should administer the pregnancy termination medication the way she is instructed to take. Any negligence while undergoing the medical abortion procedure can result in health complications in the future. It is also important for women to know that they should not have sexual intercourse during the pregnancy termination process.

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