Bleeding After Medical Abortion Pill

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bleeding after medical abortion pill

To complete an abortion procedure, your body has to remove pregnancy contents from the body. For this, the Mifeprex abortion pill detaches the pregnancy contents from the uterus and helps the second abortion pill, Cytolog let them removed from the body.

This blog puts forward the importance of bleeding after abortion pill consumption.

Why the uterus shedding is necessary?

The Cytolog or other prostaglandin abortion pills found in abortion pill kits create contractions in the uterus. As a result, the woman experiences cramping in the abdominal area which is followed by heavy vaginal bleeding.

Bleeding is an important part of the medical abortion procedure as it determines whether pregnancy contents have been removed or not.

When does the bleeding start?

When you consume prostaglandin abortion pills vaginally or buccally, the pills can take around half an hour to get dissolved in the body while it can around a day to start the uterus shedding. Hence, it should start within a day or two after you consume Cytolog abortion pills.

If you do not experience this soon after taking these medicines, you should consult your healthcare provider at the earliest.

How different is it from regular menstruation?

The bleeding after taking abortion pills is different than your menstruation bleeding. It is heavier and lasts up to 3-10 days after medicine consumption. Some women may even observe blood clots passing from the vagina. This typically happens when the gestation of pregnancy is more than 6 weeks ( up to 9 weeks ).

The bleeding pattern varies as per your pregnancy gestation and how your body is reacting to the pregnancy termination medications.

Precautions to be taken during bleeding:

Since this bleeding is heavier than your normal menstruation, a women’s healthcare provider typically advises using maxi pads to soak in the heavy blood. Most importantly, the physicians suggest you avoid the use of tampons.

Your vagina becomes vulnerable during the medical abortion procedure and hence using a tampon may make it prone to bacterial infection.

  • Get medical help if you experience prolonged bleeding.
  • No bleeding refers to an incomplete abortion procedure. Speak to your doctor if you do not experience bleeding.
  • Do not have an overdose of cytolog abortion pills. Take the second dose only after consulting your healthcare provider.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse during the abortion procedure. It can increase the risks of vaginal infection.
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