Birth control pills are best to avoid pregnancy

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What are birth control pills?
Birth control pills are the medicines that are used to prevent pregnancy after the sexual intercourse. It is also known as “oral contraception” or “emergency contraceptive pills”. Women can consume this medicine daily if she doesn’t want to get pregnant but want to enjoy the pleasure of intimacy. These are the pills which were not available in the earlier days and women used to become pregnant unwillingly. Although birth control pills can avoid pregnancy but it will not be useful for the treatment of any sexual disease like HIV. Hence for the well being of women which is the leading online pharmacy store based in USA contains various birth control pills like loette, ovral l, Yasmin and many more. All these medicines are available in stock and are also distributed to all other parts of the world at reasonable rates. Once this medicine is used it will help women to go for motherhood as per their convenience. These medicines are being approved by FDA and medical experts have also tested it so users can use these pills and can make their future secure and happy.

How birth control pills work and how they are packed?
These medicines will basically stop the ovulation process due to which egg is not released and thus those eggs will not be attached to the uterus and women will not get pregnant. Birth control pill contains two hormones known as estrogen and progestin. These hormones maintain the stability of women hormonal levels due to which pituitary gland will not deliver any other hormones which causes the ovary to release mature eggs. If user is taking the birth control pills everyday then she should continue to take it on the same time. Usually user will get the set of 21 or 28 pills packet. In case of 21 set users will get 21 active pills whereas in case of 28 pill packet they will get 21 active pills and rest 7 will be of inactive one. These birth control pills packet are noted with some different color to alert the user that she needs to take the pill every day. If these tablets are consumed in a correct manner than research says that 99% of it is effective to avoid pregnancy.

Dosage format of birth control pills
for the set of 28 pill packet, user needs to consume the pills for all 28 days. And for 21 pill format women should take pills till 21 days and after that take a gap of 1 week, in which user will have her menstrual cycle and then again resume for the next round of medicines with a new pack.

Highlights of birth control pills
Given below are some of the points that will depict the advantages of contraceptives tablets.
1. Cost effective
2. Safe to use
3.Gives expected results
4. Approved by FDA

As there are two sides of each coin, birth control pills also has the negative points as follows
1. Nausea
2. Bleeding between periods
3. Breast tenderness
All these are the points which will be temporary and once the intake of birth control is stopped, user will not see these problems after some months. Hence overall we can say that birth control pills are safe to use and will surely avoid the pregnancy so that women can enjoy their sexual life without any tension of getting pregnant.

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