Bed Rest During Pregnancy, the Expectations and Things to Do

If you have a complicated pregnancy, then your physician may advise bed rest while you still carry the baby. For instance, bed rest during pregnancy is suggested for conditions such as high blood pressure, growth problems in the fetus, preeclampsia, preterm labor, abruption, placenta previa, threatened miscarriage, cervical insufficiency, and other issues. Thus, healthcare providers may recommend taking rest in bed to reduce pregnancy issues and the risk of preterm birth.

Let us know more about the bed rest required when you are pregnant in the blog below.

Is Bed Rest During Pregnancy Required and Why?

The evidence regarding bed rest is not conclusive as to be beneficial for pregnancy. But many think it is harmless if the mother has a pertaining health issue. However, some risks are depression, blood clots, anxiety, financial strains, low birth weight of the baby, weakened muscles and bones, and slower recovery after birth. The side effects could be worse if the best rest is stricter. Sometimes the person is only allowed to visit the bathroom and stay in the bed at all times.

Or, you may be advised partial bed rest in pregnancy in some cases. Here, you may have to rest for several hours in bed during the day. For some, coping can be difficult emotionally and physically. There are several studies that indicate that pregnant women are better off with normal routines even when they have complications than resting. There is also enough evidence that physical activity at the moment of pregnancy even lowers the risk of preeclampsia, low birth weight, and other issues.

What to Know About Bed Rest at the Time of Pregnancy?

You must have answers to the essentials about pregnancy on bed rest. So, you must enquire about what will be bed rest be like at the time of pregnancy such as do you have to lie on the bed all-day or at occasional breaks. Why you are being recommended for this? Is it necessary and if there are alternatives as well? What are the benefits for the pregnancy and baby from the bed rest and the risks involved? Are additional medicines required? Is there a medicine special for a prenatal period to talk with?

How to Take Care of Health during Bed Rest for a Pregnancy?

You may certainly have questions in mind about bed rest for high-risk pregnancies if you have one. You have to know clear expectations so the questions could be like can you go to work or have to be in the bed all the while How long will you require to be on the bed? Or, is sexual activity okay, and how frequently is it safe? Can you lift objects or not, or can you get up to use the bathroom or shower? Which position should you lie down at? Can you take care of household chores and what you must not do?

Bed rest may seem stressful, boring, and tough mentally and physically. But following a few tips can make the experience bearable:

Consult a physician in case of the following:

Final Thoughts

Bed rest during pregnancy may be necessary at times. Yet you must know how to deal with the risks and cons while keeping in mind the benefits.

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