Accessing Medical Abortion in Private, with no Health Risk

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 Medical Abortion

Medical abortion procedure seems to be a safe and secure process of taking abortion pills for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. You use medications at home as well as they can be carried out in clinics as per the female’s preference. Furthermore, you can have to buy abortion pills online, ordering the medicines at the residence or elsewhere at convenience. It is easier to overcome unwanted pregnancies without any medical surgery involvement. You can simply manage the complete process, and perhaps there will be less spending on the non-invasive method than otherwise.

Can a Pregnancy test be done at home after an abortion?

You must visit a facility for an ultrasound after terminating a pregnancy.  For certain outcomes, an ultrasound, or pelvic examination carried out by a professional is exact to get RU486 abortion confirmation. In order to confirm if the pregnancy ended entirely, the home urine tests or pregnancy kit will not give accurate results, as it takes several weeks for the blood and urine sample to actually depict the hormonal levels required to understand if pregnancy is present or not.

Is it Okay to travel alone on Procedure Completion?

You should not travel within 24 hours after the regimen, as you could be still bleeding heavily or dizzy from the drug. In case you do have to commute, ensure you are not the one operating or driving the vehicle. Have someone to help you during the travel, and tell them to assist with any emergency medical care if needed. If there is a need to travel after intake of Misoprostol drugs, then there is still a risk of cramps and heavy bleeding. In this case, help from others is certainly mandatory.

Which activities can you resume after the regimen?

Medical Abortion is recommended not exercising just after having the medicines. You need to go for a follow-up visit later for an abortion and speak to the doctor about what you can do, and how soon you can resume school or work or any other physical activity. At the most after Medical Abortion process, you must not have intercourse until 2-3 weeks so as to heal the cervix and uterus. Keeping pregnancy with birth control is advised until the first 3 months following the procedure.

How is the bleeding during and following pregnancy end?

During Medical Abortion, heavy bleeding begins after Misoprostol intake and can go up till a few hours of the day in the process. After the pregnancy terminates, the bleeding either ceases or becomes less as menstrual flow or lesser. This can carry on to 6-8 weeks, and in the next periods, you will not encounter that heavy bleeding as it happened while the pregnancy was being aborted.

Which birth control should you choose?

For preventing unwanted pregnancy right away after the termination procedure, oral birth control pills and condoms are suitable. Avoid any uterine device or invasive technique to sterilize. Such options may be valid after the body entirely recovers. As for controlling the bleeding, you can take sanitary pads to help instead of tampons or any other techniques.

What are the Risks?

Bleeding from the vagina during the abortion pill procedure may be heavy. In some cases, you will need a surgical ending of pregnancy and a rare blood transfusion. If there is an event of continued pregnancy, then there is a risk of fetal deformities. It is best to get such a pregnancy terminated with an aspiration technique at a hospital.



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