Abortion Pills Side-effects and Risks

Abortion Pills Side-effects

Abortion Pills
The pills are recommended for active termination of pregnancy at its early stage. The medicine is to be consumed only if the user’s course of pregnancy has not crossed first 7 or 9 weeks but it is always preferred that one gets to consume the medicine within first 7 weeks period as it helps in proper termination procedure.
Abortion pills side-effects and risks are rare and involve to be considered for consumption with the accurate course period of time as it is a mandate to consume before the fixed period of time. Below given are the details:
Side – effects
Abortion pills Side-effects are rare and involve certain precautions. A person using abortion pills is required to know the following side-effects during the course period.
1) Headache
2) Vaginal bleeding: In this case, post consumption of Mifepristone, one tends to experience heavy vaginal bleeding. Although it is a process involved during the course line one is required to take extra precautions during vaginal bleeding.
3) Stomach cramping issues: This occurs during the process of pregnancy termination. Stomach cramping (abdominal cramping) can be painful and there are various medications available for cutting the issue along with the abortion pills pack.
4) Mood swings: Many of the women tend to feel guilty and experience a lot of mood swings as a part of the course. It is a regular activity and hence women are recommended to divert their mind and remain active during the course period. Being depressed is a part of the procedure as a recent survey has found out that women tend to get depressed during such cases.
5) Vomiting and feeling nauseated.
6) Fever: Slight chills and feeling feverish is a part of the process and is considered as a mild effect during the course.

Other side-effects
1) Feeling suicidal
2) Stress and depression
3) Flashbacks of various unwanted process
Women naturally feel a bit stressed up and often end up with unwanted thoughts and situations.

Risks involved in Abortion Pills consumption
Users who make use of Abortion Pills need to understand that the pills are recommended, guided and advised only if the user is below the first 7 or 9 weeks of pregnancy. It is still preferred that one consumes the pills within the first 7 weeks as this period of time has a more effective solution than 9 weeks.
If the user is above 9 weeks, then there can be various complications involved as the dose is strictly formulated with a measure to cut the pregnancy within the period of time. There can be other unwanted cases of complex health issues in case of consumption after 9 weeks of pregnancy.

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