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1) Is medical and psychological counseling essential after medical abortion?
– Medical abortion involves simple consumption of the abortion pills tablet which helps in terminating the unwanted and early case of pregnancy.
Majority of the women require no psychological attention or assistance post a medical abortion process. The reason why psychological measures are taken note is due to the issue where at extreme situations, women slow down and get to suffer from guilt, loss or sadness issue apart from certain negative effects that majority of the women are able to overcome within a short period of time. Psychological counseling is an open option and involves treating the women who are suffering from excessive emotional causes.

2) Is an ultrasound medical process essential post the medical abortion?
– Medical abortion is an easy and simple process where there is no involvement of surgical measures and anesthesia. Ultrasound is not essential post such measures especially after using FDA approved MTP kit (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) or Abortion pills kit. If there are no emergency and complex symptoms, it is not at all necessary to opt for an ultrasound process post the medical abortion. The reason why because the product itself terminates the case of unwanted pregnancy within a short period of time.

3) Is there risk involved that can cause breast cancer issues?
– Never, it doesn’t cause any case of breast cancer or increase the chance of developing one.

4) Is pregnancy possible after a process of medical abortion?
– Yes and absolutely positive and healthy pregnancy can be experienced by the user. Consumption of medical abortion simply terminates the issue and doesn’t cause any side-effects to the user in any mode. The medicine is to simply cause termination to the unwanted case of early pregnancy and doesn’t cause further issues. Being a FDA approved medicine has its own advantage of not permitting any major side-effects to the user.

5) After how many days can one get sexually active?
– It is always advised to wait for a period of one week period for continuing intimate moments. It is because immediately after the abortion process, there are chances that there might be slight opening of the cervix and there is higher case of infection risks during the period of time.

6) When will the right period be for getting pregnant after medical abortion process?
– It is observed that for several period / weeks, one might not be experiencing menstruation process but one can ovulation at any period of time after the process of medical abortion.

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