Abortion Pill – Steps And What Women Experience on Medical Abortion?

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Being listed as essential medicines by the World Health Organization, and certified as effective by Food and Drug Administration of the U.S., both Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pill are completely safe for use. You can select medical pregnancy termination for their unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester. These tablets are hormone blocker and synthetic agents that aid in ceasing fetal growth and expelling it successfully within a matter or 2 weeks or a little more.

How Many Abortion Pills I will Need?

It is possible for females to go through this process at home or clinic. You can seek assistance for the same by a professional doctor or a family member/close person, if needed. All the information about the tablets’ usage would be available on the medication pack. Take 200mg of Mifepristone (1 to 3 in numbers) and 200mcg Misoprostol (4 to 12 in numbers) orally.
Begin with former medicine on the first day, as it is anti progesterone needed to deter fetal growth. After 2 to 3 days, use Misoprostol tablets. Put 4 of these under tongue and consume them after half an hour. On using more than 4 tablets, ingest the next four and henceforth in similar way, by giving an interval of 3 hours each between intake schedule.

How Do I Relieve My Unwanted Pregnancy?

The anti progesterone mechanism stops supply of progesterone hormone. This hormone helps in forming uterine lining, which supports implantation of pregnant eggs and it’s placing in the womb. In absence of this reproductive agent, the pregnancy contents come off womb wall. The parts begin to deteriorate due to lack of oxygen and nutrition, gradually breaking and dilating cervix.
Misoprostol tablets enable the already mild contractions in uterus to rise in intensity and frequency, speedily dispelling fetal remains. These particles come out of vagina. The flushing out of pregnancy contents is aided by vaginal heavy bleeding. During this process, you can face mild to moderate abdominal spasms and pain because of uterine contractions. Within 2 weeks. For some more weeks, the pregnancy will be ended.

Is Abortion Pill Regimen Safe at Home?

With appropriate guidance or assistance, if the pregnancy is uncomplicated, the medication can be used at home itself. But, you need to be careful about health, and for emergency need keep the contact number of nearest hospital. It will be an added measure to keep transportation services prepared in case of travel to a clinic during the regimen. Stock sanitary pads for the bleeding, and do not take alcohol or smoke before and until recovery is made from medical pregnancy termination.

Why Gestation Period Matters in Pregnancy Ending?

Medical pregnancy ending is effective for you, only if the gestation period is between 4 and 9 weeks, or not more than 12 weeks. After this length, it is risky to consume abortion pill, as the rate of incomplete pregnancy ending is more in such scenario with heightened vulnerability of contacting complications like severe bleeding and cramping. If you have crossed 12 weeks of pregnancy, then meet a doctor to understand if surgical aspiration is suitable for expunging fetal contents.

What are the Side Effects and Precautions?

The medication process may include some side effects like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness etc. But, these eventually die away as the procedure nears completion. It may take up till a month or two for menses to regularize. Until then, you may encounter mild bleeding now and then after successful pregnancy ending.
Do not initiate an overdose, or consume interacting medicine. Keep away from physically stressful routine, and get ample rest. Do not utilize abortion pill if having an ectopic or complicated pregnancy, rather select vacuum aspiration.

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