Is Abortion Pill a Safe Option for Unplanned Pregnancy?

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Precautions are not always 100% safe. They work only 97% of the time. Even though some couple uses it some do not, but still, unplanned pregnancy is unavoidable.

However, women get stressed out when they realize the pregnancy, they are happy when it comes to a planned pregnancy but when it is unplanned it causes havoc in their life.

Do not need to worry we are here to help you out in this situation and choose the right abortion method for you.

There are 2 types of a method- surgical method and a medical abortion commonly known as abortion pill procedure. Now before choosing any of the methods women should consider her health history and current health condition. Some women prefer surgical procedures, but most women prefer abortion pills procedure.  The medical abortion process is much safer, quicker, and effective.  In surgical procedure there is a high amount of risk factor is involved and it takes longer to get the desired results. You can buy abortion pill online.

What is the Option for Unplanned Pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy can be daunting and stressful for many women who do not want to carry through the pregnancy. Some women are worried about the privacy aspect too as that does not want anyone to know about it., so obviously the surgical method is not preferred by most women. The abortion pills procedure is the most efficient option for an unplanned pregnancy. It does not have any use of surgical equipment nor is any anesthesia required.  The most useful aspect of abortion pills is you can perform the complete procedure at your home.  Women can also plan it as per her schedule without disrupting their daily routine. If a woman wants she can involve her family or can perform it in complete privacy. The termination of pregnancy is also completed within a few hours or a few days after its consumption. For unplanned pregnancy abortion pills is the best choice for any woman.

How to End Unplanned Pregnancy by Medical Abortion?

Before opting for medical abortion make completely sure of the pregnancy. If the test is positive then initiate the medical abortion process within the initial nine weeks of pregnancy.

In the initial stages, the progesterone hormone goes to the uterus thus making it ready for pregnancy. Even if this stage is passed still the uterus is contracted and the embryo detaches from the cervix thus passing it out and ending the pregnancy.

During this course, cramping and bleeding will be experienced by women. The good aspect is women can consume antibiotic medications to get relief from the cramping.

How Abortion Pills Terminate Pregnancy?

An abortion pill comes in two sets Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

  • Mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone from entering the uterus. Thus the uterus is not prepared for pregnancy and the thin lining is dropped off. This way the pregnancy is ended by the Mifepristone abortion pill.
  • After the Mifepristone within 48 hours, the secondary pill Misoprostol is consumed. It contracts the uterus making the thin lining soften and dropping off. Due to this, the dead embryo is passed out thus completing the termination of pregnancy successfully.
  • During this course bleeding and cramping will be experienced which might be normal like regular periods but a little heavier.
  • This process is similar to that of a miscarriage so women feel it like a natural process going through.
  • Women can consume antibiotics to overcome the cramping if they are a bit severe.

Why Abortion Pills Is a Safe Option?

  • No use of any surgical equipment, no anesthesia, or any sedative.
  • It can maintain complete privacy through the whole process.
  • The success ratio is 95-98 %.
  • It is easily available online at many affordable costs.
  • It is considered the most efficient effective and safe method for an unplanned pregnancy.

Where can you buy an Abortion pill online?

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