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Yasmin Contraceptive Pill acts as shield to protect woman against pregnancy

For family planning and pregnancy, women often use contraception devices or medicines, the latter being commonly taken nowadays due to better efficiency rate. What Yasmin contraceptive pill does is protect a female against getting pregnant if the dosage is followed as recommended.

It helps as a regular birth control method, or used in emergency situation, within a few hours of unprotected intercourse or suspected possibility of bearing a child in womb. Why women choose to protect self from being pregnant is obvious- they do not wish to have a child at the moment.

How to be free of pregnancy possibilities?

The medication does its job by initially preventing ovulation i.e. release of mature eggs, which if mated with sperm leads to fertilization, and pregnancy. This product also makes sure the sperm cannot get to mate active eggs, if any, by thickening cervical mucus through which sperms cannot pass into uterus.

For a fertilized egg it is important to get attach to womb for receiving supplements for growth. The uterus implantation line it gets stuck to is shed by the medicine ingredients, which does not allow fertilized egg, if any to stay attached to life support, failing pregnancy chances all together.

What is the way of dosage?

Normally the tablets are used in emergency situation when a condom had slipped out, broken, or intercourse has been done without utilizing any protection. But, a female can also plan out in advance to prohibit pregnancy by following Yasmin tablets course for 28 days or 21 days.

  • The latter regimen foresees intake of 21 active hormonal tablets, while the former consists of user taking 21 active pills, followed by 7 days of non hormonal tablets. Those who find it difficult to maintain or remember 7 days interval after 21 day course to start a new course can choose 28 day regimen.
  • When it comes to immediately stopping pregnancy after intercourse, the medication needs to be orally consumed with water within 120 hours or 5 days. For regular dose, take a hormonal tablet everyday as marked on the leaflet, at the same time for all days in 21 day course, and then do not consume any tablets meant for controlling birth for the next seven days.

Regarding 28 day regimen, follow same indication as 21 day course for the first 3 weeks, and then utilize one tablet per day, which are insert and non hormonal. Then start with a new course of medicines from the 29th

When will withdrawal bleeding commence?

Now, the woman will bleed vaginally when off hormonal tablets, that is the days when she is consuming inert tablets or not taking any pills at all. This bleeding is assumed as menstruation, but is ‘withdrawal bleeding’. Even if the menses does not stop at the end of the medication course, the female has to begin with new pack of Yasmin pills to maintain prohibition of pregnancy.

No condom use is required during the medicine course. But, it is advisable to utilize non-hormonal contraception method like condom etc for the first 7 days of dosage regimen. The bleeding will stop as needed, and it may be either light or heavy, with shift from regular menses date for some.

Who should not use hormonal birth control?

Those who are already under oral or intravenous hormonal therapy or suffering from cardiovascular, eye, kidney, liver, lungs, pelvic, immune system, blood disorders should not buy Yasmin online. Immediate after pregnancy, it is best to use non-hormonal device to control birth or speak to doctor for alternative measures.

Women with blood clot history, hemorrhage, and blood thinning issues or extreme irregular bleeding must not take this product. If fertility is challenged, then full-length study of the condition must be done, and contraceptive tablets should be used, only of advised.

Is fertility affected for future pregnancy?

When the Yasmin to prohibit pregnancy are stopped, the fertility resumes. Thus, there are no issues to future pregnancy. The woman can anytime discontinue the tablets and plan to bear a child as needed. Still pro added safety, doctor’s consultation could be a personal choice, but not mandatory.

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Nuvaring: A practical approach of birth control

It’s fairly simple to put Nuvaring as a monthly birth control solution which is a small and
flexible vaginal ring that prevents pregnancy. When the ring is in your vagina,
it releases a particular type of hormones in continuous and low doses.
Its cost is comparatively low and hence it works on low maintenance basis! Besides, you can find cheap Nuvaring if bought online!

1. How would you insert it?

There’s no ideal position of the ring as such. You nip it together and aim at your back, the
same way you would put a tampon. You can push it farther and it will pop into

Many women don’t feel its presence, although if you feel it after insertion, that would still be a
comfortable feeling and no distraction as such, especially while having intercourse.

Its effectiveness lasts for around thirty days, however, you can take it out within
three weeks. Get a seven-day-break and then replace it with a new one.

2. How does it work?

It is almost similar to what you know as birth control pills. The inserted Nuvaring
acts as a barrier for the determined sperm which is trying to get into the egg.
The plastic ring secretes a particular hormone that prevents pregnancy.

3. A great option for hormonal birth control

NuvaRing is the solution for those who usually have a habit of skipping birth control pills, neither do they wish an IUD.

Consuming birth control pills almost every day can become acrimony to some. Vaginal Ring is perfect for someone who longs for relief from period pain and requires pregnancy prevention. It is something that gives the best of both worlds.

4. Be comfortable touching your vagina

As you may know that the ring has to be inside your vagina to work, you have to place it
in there! When you buy Nuvaring online, the simple instructions are already given with further information!

Many women find it awkward to touch there. It will be a bit odd for the first time, and it’s completely a normal thing. Once you understand the method properly, you would know that it’s not that difficult as it seemed the first time. Same is the case for the removal. Put your finger under the rim and carefully pull it out of the vagina.

5.Additional benefits:

It gives you lighter, shorter and regular periods. Further, it reduces premenstrual symptoms such as depression and headaches. A sense of sexual spontaneity gets increased in the relationship because you don’t have to worry about pregnancy.

There are certain misconceptions about birth control solutions like Nuvaring. You need not worry, if you’re not yet ready to become pregnant. In fact, there are several types of birth control options available. Choose the one which suits your body and lifestyle.



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All You Need to Know About Pregnancy test Kits

Here are some commonly asked questions about pregnancy test cards answered.

  1. How do pregnancy test cards work?

Home pregtest card [ HPT] detects if you are pregnant by identifying a hormone called hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine. This hormone is created by the cells that will grow into the placenta. It initially enters the bloodstream while the matured egg starts to implant in the uterine lining. This can be as early as 5 – 6 days after the fertilization is done.

The hCG amount in your body swiftly increases over the next few weeks, occasionally even increasing to twice its amount in two to three days. When the card detects the hormone in the urine, it shows the positive sign.

  1. How soon can one take the HPT?

Some brands claim that their pregnancy tests kit is highly sensitive and can give you positive results as early as five days even before you would expect your menstrual cycle. Some may even have enough hCG produced in them to be detected. If you are anxious after getting a negative result, you can always take another one later if you still haven’t got your periods by then.

If you are testing for pregnancy with an HPT, then make sure you use the mornings’ first urine sample for better accuracy.

Many women buy pregtest card and expect 100% accurate after testing it on the day you expected your periods. However, there is a much chance that an accurate result may not be found on the day of the missed period itself but by waiting for a few days and then taking the test.

  1. How do I use home pregnancy test?

After checking the expiration date, take it out of the wrapper. As the morning urine is the more concentrated, it is best if you use that sample for testing.

You can either urinate in a cup and dip the pregnancy tester in it or you can just directly urinate on the test card. In both methods, you dip the chemical strip of card in the urine.

The tests may also vary is showing the results. Some cards show double red or blue lines; meanwhile, digital ones will state if you are pregnant or not. If the test card doesn’t show any results for more than 10 minutes, it may be faulty.

If the pregnancy test shows a negative or a faint positive sign then, you must take one more test in a few days or week after, if you still haven’t got your periods. One possibility is that you may have ovulated a few days later in the cycle than you thought and took the test too early to get a positive result.

So it is better to double check to see if the pregnancy test is showing you the accurate result.

  1. Can a pregnancy test card show the false result?
  • If you have had a miscarriage or did an abortion in a few days before taking the test, you could see a false positive result. This is because it takes more than 4 weeks for pregnancy hormones to go away even if the pregnancy has ended.
  • If you have taken a fertility drug which contains hCG
  • If you have a rare hCG secreting tumor
  • If you have a molar/ ectopic pregnancy

  5.  Where can I get pregnancy test card?

You can access many brands of pregtest cards from any drugstores.

 Many women even buy online pregtest card for cheaper deals.

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