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Guidance to using Mifeprex (Mifepristone) for ending early pregnancy

Why Medical Abortion is preferred?
Women around the globe come across the issue of feeling emotionally down and majority of the women are basically concerned about how they will feel during these emotional break downs and process that is involved during the abortion process. To provide a clear supporting measure, one can make use of Medical Abortion process to end the risk of pregnancy at an early stage. Medical abortion is usually conducted on those persons who are in their first 9 week of pregnancy period.

What is Mifeprex
Mifeprex (Mifepristone) is an active and primary medicine for termination procedure wherein the user is simply required to consume the medicine at one’s convenience and privacy but under the strict regime of first 63 days of pregnancy i.e. 9 weeks period. Mifeprex helps in safe ending of the pregnancy and causes blocking of the progesterone hormone. The surgical measures cause one to feel hard anxiety during the process and gain more pressure as it also involves provisioning of the medical history to the clinic for record purpose.

Advice for using Mifeprex
Mifeprex is advised for every woman who is in her first 9 weeks of pregnancy stage as it simply requires consumption and no other treatments during the course period. Mifeprex is advised to end pregnancy of early stage with no risk of surgical measures during the course. The tablet helps in completion of the process by oral consumption.
Majority of the techniques can be accomplished during the process as the pack comes in easy consumable format.  During the session, user is required to maintain proper diet and no allowance of smoking and alcohol consumption is allowed during the process.
Consume with a glass of water as it is an oral product.

Dosage strength and pattern
Mifeprex medicine is basically Mifepristone formulated with anti-progesterone component. Each tablet involves 200 mcg dose strength and a total of 3 tablets are to be consumed at once, orally. The course is to be completed by consuming the secondary medicine of Misoprostol or applicable ones so as to conclude the process.
Make sure privacy and comfort is maintained.

How does abortion occur with Mifeprex?
Mifeprex involves the anti-progesterone compound. During pregnancy, one requires progesterone for successful completion of the pregnancy process and with Mifeprex, the progesterone effects are prevented. There is narrowing of the lining of the uterus. With no access to progesterone component, the pregnancy process is ended thus terminating the early pregnancy.

What to ensure during the process?
1) Available stock of sanitary pads: This is highly essential as during the process, one gets to soak the heavy vaginal bleeding and with timely stock, one gets to complete the course with ease.
2) Emergency contact numbers: With heavy vaginal bleeding, one requires to keep handy certain emergency numbers in case the user feels too fatigued / dizzy during the course.

Are there any user-usage restrictions?
1) Women who are usually above the 9 week pregnancy period.
2) Users with IUD placed. For consumption of Mifeprex, the user is required to remove the IUD.
3) Women with ectopic pregnancy case should avoid consuming or making use of the medicine. Ectopic case of pregnancy involves the pregnancy that is actually outside of the uterus.

Possible side-effects of Mifeprex
Users are informed that during the course period, one should expect experiencing of heavy vaginal bleeding and stomach cramping issues. The possible after effects are headache, mood swing, uneasiness, case of fatigue or tiredness due to heavy vaginal bleeding and fever at times. The after effects are temporary in nature and are quick to get resolved.

The user can consult for confirming completion of the medical abortion at the clinic after a period of 14 days.