Where Can I Buy The Abortion Pill Kit?

buy-abortionpills-onlineThe abortion pills are not an over-the-counter medication and you must know where you can buy them from. Although there are plenty of sources from where you can get the pills, make sure that you consult a healthcare professional to know if medical abortion is for you first. Once that is confirmed, assess your emotional situation. Ensure you have an easy access to emergency medical facilities and gather enough moral support.

You can then choose if you want to buy abortion pill kit online, from your doctor or from physical stores. This choice for women depends on factors like privacy concerns and access to healthcare facilities. However, it is best for a woman to know all her choices.

Following are the trusted abortion pill pack providers:

A medical practitioner

Gynecologists can not only advice you for a medical abortion, they are also licensed to provide you with the pills. Although medical abortion is a procedure that requires minimal clinical supervision, some women find it safer to undergo the process with the doctor around for help.

Another common practice is to take the first pill in the clinic and then take the second one in a comfortable setting like home even though both are provided by the doctor. This is because the second pill in the regimen comes with severe symptoms and it is more comforting to be relaxed at home than being in the hospital environment.

However, most females who undergo an abortion have little or no support from their acquaintances. They do not wish to be open about their unplanned pregnancy and simply but the entire MTP kit online.


Please be informed that if you choose to order the pregnancy termination medication from anywhere other than a licensed abortion clinic, you will require a prescription or the doctor’s advice slip. This is because, although abortion pills are safe and efficient, they do have some contraindications whose presence in your case can be identified by the doctor.

Once you are prescribed the pills, the following are the other options you have

An abortion pill online pharmacy

As previously stated, a common choice is for women to buy abortion pills online. This is because such websites pay higher regards to a female’s privacy. Their personal data is protected and the medication reaches them in discreet packages. The women can easily follow the instructions specified and take up the process

When you decide to buy abortion pill online reviews are an important source of first-hand information on the quality of the pills and services offered by the online pharmacy. You can also avail other round-the-clock services like live chat support.

A physical pharmaceutical store

This facility functions much like an online pharmacy. You will have to present a prescription to avail the medication. But, in most cases, you will have to look up to a local health practitioner for medical advice. To buy abortion pill kit online is hence preferred over this.

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