Signs to Know You Have Conceived and How to End the Pregnancy

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Have you missed your period and worried you are pregnant? Unprotected intercourse, failed contraception, etc., can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. If you wish to end the pregnancy, you can buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol Kit if the conception is up to 8 weeks of gestation. Beyond this, only an invasive treatment can empty the uterus of the pregnancy parts. But before even going in for an abortion, you must understand the signs that help detect a pregnancy.

Ovulation and Pregnancy

Conceiving depends on fertility and the timing of intimacy. Considering a 28-day cycle of menstruation, a female is most likely to be fertile on the day of ovulation (around day 15) and two days before that. If you do not get your period at the expected time, you may get a pregnancy test to confirm the results. Without the test as well, you can understand if you have conceived or not by noting the pregnancy symptoms over weeks.

Naturally, a woman experiences symptoms of pregnancy at four weeks. The gestation period is counted as the first day of the last menstrual period. Some of the initial changes are an increase in the frequency of urination, fatigue, breast soreness, and nausea. Once you know that pregnancy exists, you can get a medical abortion at the earliest at home.

For this, you can buy MTP Kit online for an intrauterine pregnancy. If you wish to continue the pregnancy, you must still go through blood tests to check for pregnancy hormones and ultrasonography of the uterus and lower abdomen. Remember, extra-uterine pregnancy needs to be terminated through the invasive method and not medicines.

Here are the indications of pregnancy through the first to the fourth week of conceiving so that you can understand at the earliest whether you are pregnant or not.

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Week

In the initial week, the body goes through hormonal changes. So, in this duration, you may encounter lower back pain, bleeding slightly from the vagina, a bloated belly, cramps, headaches, and mood swings. But the hormonal changes may also give rise to emotional changes, so you need to keep stress and irritability in check.

  1. Signs of Pregnancy in the Second Week

Ovulation is the ripe time to get pregnant by engaging in unprotected intercourse. If you ovulate in the second week, then the pregnancy signs are breast soreness or tenderness, pain in the abdomen on one of the sides, hormonal alterations, light spotting like red or brown spots, presence of cervical mucus such as egg white that facilitates sperm to reach the egg.

The cervix may also go through some changes in tightness. You may also have a higher libido this week. Not everyone can detect pregnancy so early, but if you do and want urgent termination done, then you can opt for MTP Kit overnight delivery at home.

  1. Pregnancy Indications in the Third Week

The egg fertilizes in the third week. It reaches the uterus through the fallopian tube. In this stage, the hormonal changes begin to spring up. The hCG hormone starts to build, which may make you feel queasy and nauseous. This is the reason for the initial vomiting. Also, the breast may look different with areolas seeming bigger. At this time, you can check for pregnancy, and in case the result is negative, repeat the test after a few days.

  1. Pregnancy Effects in the Fourth Week

Here, if you go for a pregnancy visit, the same can be confirmed through a urine and blood test. For those who have a 35-day cycle, the symptoms of pregnancy may cause confusion. They may not be sure if they are pregnant or not. Some of the indications of conceiving are mild cramping, morning sickness, tiredness, spotting, bloating, sore breasts, and mood swings. And if the pregnancy is unplanned or unintended, to end it without the use of instruments, medications are best to go with.

Now, you may purchase the pills on the internet. And these days, there are several payment methods to make it easier for people around the world to access medicines. For instance, you can buy MTP Kit online with credit card as well, and avail immediate finance for your healthcare needs.

To Conclude

If you can detect pregnancy early and know it is an unintended one, then you can choose medicines to end it. Keep a notice of changes you go through if you miss a period to note if you are pregnant or not.

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