Understand the common side effects of an abortion pill

side effects of abortion pill

Every medical procedure at least a few side effects on the user. The good thing is that medical abortion does not have any permanent impact on the body. The side effects of abortion pill are typically minimal which go away as soon as the procedure gets completed. This blog explains the side effects of medical abortion and how you can deal with them.

Following are the side effects of medical abortion:





Stomach ache

When do you experience the side effects of medical abortion?

When you undergo a medical abortion procedure, you buy abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. After you consume Mifepristone, there may not be any immediate effect on the body. The symptoms of pregnancy can still be felt during this time.

Most of the side effects start after taking the second abortion pill, Misoprostol. Due to the prostaglandin constituents, the first after effect that the woman encounter is cramping in the abdominal area while she also begins bleeding within a few hours. Other side effects may also take place around the same time.

Does every woman face the side effects of abortion pills?

No. The only after effects felt by every woman ( during the medical abortion process) are intense stomach cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding.

The remaining aforementioned side effects may or may not be encountered by every woman undergoing a medical pregnancy termination process. Even the intensity of the side effects may differ in every case.

How long the side effects last?

Since the side effects of medical abortion minimal in nature, their impact does not last more than a week or two. The procedure of medical pregnancy termination takes almost 2 weeks or less to complete. By the time the woman finishes the procedure, the side effects also go.

Women’s health should always be of the utmost importance in any medical procedure. If you are a sensitive person who cannot deal with such side effects of abortion pills, you can simply buy an abortion pill pack which takes care of the side effects and mitigates its intensity. Eat light food, take rest and have patience until the abortion procedure gets completed.

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