Learn the pharmacy platforms: Local Vs online

Online pharmacy vs local

An online pharmacy would generally have all the medicines which are required for general healthcare and diseases. However, you if you are planning to buy abortion pills online, you will come across pharmacies which dedicatedly offer abortion pills and a contraceptive pill for women. Such websites typically also have medical experts who can guide to take pregnancy termination medicines.

What are the options available for safe abortion pills?

You can buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol to safely end an unwanted pregnancy. There are options too such as Mifeprex, Generic RU486 ( the first pill) and Cytolog ( the second pill) which you can administer and abort the pregnancy.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol is the most preferred pill combination by women which is also found in MTP kit and abortion pill pack. Speaking of the availability all the aforementioned pregnancy termination medicines can be found in local pharmacies and online pharmacies too.

We’ll see which platform is better for abortion medication:


Speaking of the local pharma stores, not all of them have abortion pills and hence there are many women who go to a different region in the search of pregnancy termination medication. However, in the case of online pharmacies, they help women get abortion pills at their doorstep, regardless of the location and region.


Pharmacy stores are typically located in the metro areas where every woman may not able to reach for medication. Hence, there are many women who travel to a whole different region just to get medicines which add up the travel cost to their abortion pills. For an online pharmacy, they come reach women and deliver the pills and hence the cost of pregnancy termination pills get lower than the usual local pharmacies.


Studies have revealed women tend to have more faith in local pharmacy stores than the online pharmacies. However, time is changing the opinion of women.  The increasing use of digital platforms for the medical and pharmaceutical purpose has managed to gain the trust of women for medical abortion.

Online support:

A local pharmacy store may not guide women on administering the pills, but when you take abortion pills online, you would definitely be guided by online experts who are 24×7 available for your support. Also, there’s always a medical expert team which instructs you in case of an emergency. This is generally for free of cost and hence women prefer buying abortion pill through an online pharmacy store only.


Women who go through an unwanted pregnancy situation expect it to be very private. Once they receive a prescription from the physician, they find it very awkward and uncomfortable to ask for pills in front of everyone. Online pharmacies help such women as they give abortion pills in a carefully packaged box.

From the aforementioned points, it can be concluded that women across the world prefer online pharmacies than local stores for medical termination of pregnancy and help related to the same.