Health Issues While Studying Abroad


A student may pack a bag with full excitement and dreams; studying abroad is not as easy as it seems. Some students end up getting depressed due to disappointment, not meeting the place expectations alone.

Today, online depression pills are readily available to students around the world who are struggling with mental health issues while studying abroad.

Adjusting to a new environment:

Studying abroad is not just a concern of studies but the person’s whole life changes. The new place may not match the climate, environment, culture, finances, etc. If the person fails to cope up with the new things around, he/she may struggle to settle in the new place. Most of these people end up getting anxiety issues.

If you wish to adapt to the new environment, you can take the help of the local person who understands your language. Learn new things and try to change them slowly. You can start by learning their language.

Making friends in a new community:

It becomes difficult for introverted people to communicate and make friends in the new city of the new place. Many a time, language, culture has become the most significant hurdle while making new friends. Getting bullied is another reason that can put students in depression while studying abroad.

In such cases, you can learn about their culture and have something to talk about when you talk to people and make new friends. If you cannot communicate with the native speakers, you can speak to people who are from different origins or maybe from the same place that you belong to.

Study Pressure: 

Meeting the international standards of study may not always seem achievable for students. The pressure of studies can add more burden to your struggles, trying to settle in the new place.

Try to focus and study what you are learning. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask your professors or someone good with the respective subject. You can share your anxieties regarding studies with someone who you trust. Let it out and study with a calm and balanced mind.

Staying away from loved ones: 

Feeling homesick quite common when you are alone in a foreign country. Stay in touch with your old pals, but allow yourself to be different from other people who could be family-figures.

Another solution to this problem is by letting yourself get engaged in different things. You can join the nearest gym or be a part of a club where people meet often and know each other.

Physical health: 

At times, your body fails to get accustomed to the weather and climate of the new places. As a result, it reacts in a way that leads to severe health issues.

Learn more about the weather at the new place and prepare yourself accordingly. Take preventive methods to keep any health issues at bay.


Living alone is a new city full of strangers that can give a feeling of insecurity. Many times, people get scared of going out and exploring.

In such a case, prefer having someone to stay with you. Find a roommate. If you do not want to live with a stranger, find someone from the same community.

Unwanted pregnancy: 

When you get freedom and a place of your own, most women say that they start their sex-life when they are studying abroad. It sometimes leads to an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. You cannot even continue it because you are studying, and that’s generally the priority. Buying abortion pills online and doing abortion has been a great help in such cases.

Health issues can happen due to various reasons. It is more likely to grow when you are alone and do not share your problems with anyone. It is more likely to happen when you relocate and go to a completely different environment. Hence, students face mental health issues while studying abroad. If you come across any such person, try helping them heal their depression or anxiety.

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