What are the chances of getting pregnant without sexual intercourse?

What are the chances of getting pregnant without sexual intercourse?Despite the wide availability and ease with which one can buy abortion pills online, unplanned pregnancy is a major worry, especially in sexually active women. The topic of sexual intercourse and pregnancy termination are highly stigmatized and leave people with many questions; among the most intriguing ones being if pregnancy can result from intimacy with no penetrative acts.

The important reason why most people seek an answer to this question is that apart from the ejaculate, the male organ secretes a fluid called pre-cum that looks similar to it during sexual arousal. The man has no control over this discharge which may come in contact with the female genitalia during the non-penetrative make-out sessions.

So, is it possible to get pregnant from pre-cum?

The early scientific hypotheses of the pre-cum being similar in composition to the semen (ejaculate) have been falsified. Recent studies say that most sperms (if present) in the pre-cum are dead.

Rather, the pre-cum has a specific role to play in making the sexual intercourse less painful. It functions as a lubricant reducing skin-skin friction or irritation that may result in its absence. Moreover, if you are looking to conceive, you must note that the chemical nature of this natural lube enhances your chances. Not by containing sperms itself, but by creating a favorable environment for them.

The male reproductive organ also contains the urethra. Urine is acidic in nature and thus an acidic environment is maintained in the organ. The pre-cum reduces this acidity to a level that the sperms can thrive in. Similarly, the female vagina is also naturally acidic. When the pre-cum gets in contact with it, this micro-niche is also alkalized and thus the chances of pregnancy are raised.

However, if you are not looking to get pregnant anytime soon, you must be informed that some amount of sperm can travel into the pre-cum. The probability of pregnancy remains minuscule. But if you missed your period or feel something unusual, it is always advisable to use a Pregtest card to know if you have conceived. An early-detected pregnancy has more ways in which it can be dealt with keeping health risks at bay.

Can any kind of sexual activity other than penetration lead to pregnancy?

Although highly unlikely, it is theoretically possible to get pregnant without penetrative acts too. Sexually stimulating acts performed in nudity come with a slightly elevated chance of conception. Grinding, caressing or any way in which the semen or pre-cum can gain entry into your vaginal opening pose, at least, a minor risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

How can I reduce these chances?

  • It is advisable that one or both partners be clothed
  • The woman must opt for birth control measures like the Ovral L contraceptive pill or a vaginal ring if you are sexually active.
  • If you miss taking one or more of the Ovral birth control, you must use a condom. Either partner can choose to wear one. (P.S: A condom is also recommended otherwise to prevent sexually transmitted infections from genital contact)

What are my options if I am detected with an unplanned pregnancy?

If you have been detected with a conception that you do not wish to keep, you need not be tensed. You must stay calm and evaluate your situation. If you genuinely feel that abortion is the most practical choice, the following are your options:

  • Medical abortion
    Medical abortion or the medical termination of pregnancy is a non-invasive method to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. It requires the consumption of a combination of pills, available as the MTP kit, as specified and with the exact dosage regimen. But one must be informed that this procedure is only suitable for women who are 4-10 weeks pregnant and also comes with other contraindications.
    The abortion symptoms on the intake of the pills may be severe. If a woman has to take-up the procedure alone, it is advised that she buys the abortion pill pack that comes with some pain-relief medications.
  • Surgery
    A surgical abortion can be performed within a particular gestation period in a number of ways. It may be a vacuum aspiration procedure or may also involve curettage.

The individual must consult a healthcare expert and know what will suit her the best. Health must be a woman’s top priority and she must not make decisions in a haste.

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