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Use of Mifepristone at Home for Safe Medical Abortion.

Mifepristone abortion

Undergoing a medical abortion process is easily possible if the woman understands it properly. Mifepristone is a medicine used in the process of medical abortion. This blog shall explain how the Mifepristone abortion pill contributes to making the procedure successful.  

A woman has progesterone hormone which causes the pregnancy to grow. To abort an unwanted pregnancy, it is important to stop its development. When you buy abortion pill online ( or from the local pharma stores), you receive a combination of two different abortion pills. Among the two, the mechanism of Mifepristone pill is used to stop the development of pregnancy.

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill which works against the fetus-growing-hormones mentioned earlier. One tablet of 200 mg Mifepristone is enough to work on a pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. In some cases, the tablet is also used in the process of surgical abortion before the woman undergoing a surgery. The pill is generally taken orally with water as the abortion process begins.

What does the user experience after consuming Mifepristone pill?

The user may or may not experience any notable change in the body immediately after taking the pill. The continued symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, weakness etc are a common phenomenon which is not abnormal to be found.

Can Mifepristone alone terminate an unwanted pregnancy?

No. The Mifepristone abortion pill contributes to the medical termination of pregnancy, however, it does not end the pregnancy alone. To complete the abortion procedure through feticide pills, one must also buy Misoprostol online (or from local stores).

Rare cases have reported slight bleeding. This should not be misunderstood as a sign of pregnancy termination. The process is incomplete without the consumption of Misoprostol. Both pills play an equally important role in the whole process of ending the unwanted pregnancy.

How does Mifepristone help Misoprostol to complete the abortion process?

To remove the fetal tissues from the body, a pregnant woman’s body must detach the fetus from the womb. By stopping the development of the fetus, Mifepristone helps to detach the fetus from the womb. This way, Misoprostol abortion pill can work on the uterine lining and make contractions in the uterus. The pills further expel the tissues with vaginal bleeding.

The Misoprostol pill is typically advised to be taken 24 hours after taking Mifepristone. The whole process takes a week long to completely end the pregnancy. At times, it can take more time to finish the process. It entirely depends on the gestation of pregnancy and how your body reacts to the pill.

Consult your doctor or take a home pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy termination. If you have followed all the instructions given by your healthcare provider, you are most likely to receive positive pregnancy termination results.

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The Use of Mifepristone in Various Countries.

The abortion pill was introduced to the market in 1988  and it became one of the revolutionary inventions in the women healthcare products. Mifepristone, one of the important contributors in the abortion drug duo was introduced nearly a decade ago. It was then approved by the FDA, America for using Mifepristone pill for an early pregnancy termination.

Approval of the abortion pills by different countries had not been there, however, lately, the regions have begun understanding the importance of medical abortion and loosen up the regulations put on the medical abortion.

While some areas do allow abortion pill for women, however, many regions in the country lack the needed medication especially locally. That’s when the role of online pharmacies emerged and today quite a few pharmacies sell Mifepristone online to along with the other medicines to end the unintended pregnancy.


After the law of veil, 1975 was introduced in France, the country made it legal for women to end their pregnancy up to 12-weeks gestation.

The nation also allowed surgical procedures if the medical professionals or physicians conclude health risks to the mother or baby.

In France, women prefer to buy abortion pills to end their pregnancy while Mifepristone and Misoprostol being the widely used medicines in the country.

In 1996, 18% of women who aborted that year chose a medical method to end the pregnancy while the percentage reached 44% in 2004. The percentage is growing ever since abortion care awareness has risen among women.


As per the healthcare regulations in Germany, women can legally abort a pregnancy in the first trimester. A pregnancy aborted in in the later weeks is considered only in the extreme or serious cases.

Apart from Mifepristone pill, women are also provided with the option of Generic RU 486 which is also an antiprogesterone pill.

Recent research held in Germany suggest that the abortion rate in the country has risen with 6 women being performing abortion per 1000 women in Germany.

The United States:

Almost every state in the US allows women to abort their early unwanted pregnancy. The necessity of abortion is realized in most areas and hence the availability of abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol is more in the US than in other nations.

The use of abortion pills increased after the FDA approving the pills for performing a medical abortion.

In some of the regions in the US, the women were educated about the entire abortion process and how a woman must administer the pills in the need.

Other countries:

Several other UK countries and European countries such as Spain, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, etc have reportedly allowed abortion in certain cases.

The revolution in the many parts of the world and it will soon transform the way people look at unwanted or unintended pregnancy and abortion as the best possible solution for it. The different emerging online pharmacies have also been witnessing a rise in the use of medical abortion in the areas where it had become taboo once.


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Hormonal Changes With Mifeprex Kit

hormonal changes with mifeprex kitMedical termination of pregnancy (MTP) is a recommended non-invasive method of abortion for women who are up to 10 weeks pregnant. To maintain the high efficiency with which the pills work, it is important to use them properly in the exact specified dosage and regimen. Only when a woman is aware of how the abortion pill MTP kit works will she realize the importance of these protocols.

The abortion pills come in different trade names. Although the active ingredient in each is same, their inert components may vary. So, when you buy abortion pills, you must note if there are specific instructions for that specific product.

About Mifeprex

There are two pills involved in the complete regimen for pregnancy ending through pills. The first must contain Mifepristone as an active ingredient and the second, misoprostol. The former is really important as it is the drug that primes the uterus for the action of the second pill. One particularly high-efficacy example of the primary medicine is Mifeprex.

Mifeprex is a widely used abortifacient with Mifepristone as the working component. You can avail the pill from your physician. The accessibility has been bettered by the availability of Mifeprex kit online. Whichever trusted resource you buy abortion pills from, it is crucial for you to know how the pills work. Not only will this tell you what to expect during the process but will also highlight the importance of using the kit as specified.

How does Mifeprex affect the body?

Mifeprex is known to work on a hormonal basis. But it does not cause any permanent changes to the hormone cycles. The active ingredient in Mifeprex only temporarily suppresses the activity of pregnancy-sustaining hormones.

The hormone progesterone is a natural female hormone. It thickens the uterus lining initially, maintains the thickness post-conception, and also keeps the fetus (or embryo) attached to the uterus. What Mifepristone in the Mifeprex tablet does is, it competitively inhibits the functioning of Progesterone in the body. It binds to the natural hormone’s receptors and prevents the hormone from doing so. This fails the working of progesterone.

Since progesterone is not functioning effectively, the body prepares to discard the thickened uterus lining. The pregnancy-induced tissues are disintegrated and the fetus is separated from the womb.

Due to this, pregnancy will not be able to develop further.

User safety information

Mifeprex only allows the disintegration of tissues. These further need to be expelled from the body. Uterine contractions and dilation of the cervix to aid this expulsion are only caused by the second pill and it must not be skipped.

Every female body’s reaction to the drug may differ. Some may find the symptoms tolerable while others may feel excruciating pain. If you evaluate your situation and realize that you may not be able to manage the pain, you must go for the abortion pill pack. This kit has extra medication for relieving the symptoms along with the abortion medication.

Mifeprex, like every other medicine, comes with contraindications. Make sure to consider them all before use. It is advised that you stay prepared for everything that you can expect from the pill.

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