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Emergency Birth Control Pill and Abortion Pill – What is the difference?

There is an incredible confusion among the general public about the difference between emergency contraception [EC] and abortion pills. The main conceptual difference between the two is the emergency contraception is for “prevention of pregnancy” and meanwhile abortion tablets are for “termination of an already existing pregnancy”.

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is termination of an early pregnancy [ one that is not matured past the initial 10 weeks of gestation]. To complete the procedure, you need to buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. Mifepristone taken first is used with Misoprostol pills which are taken 24-48 hours later. Mifepristone abortion pill is also called by other names such as brands – Mifeprex or RU-486. In the meantime, Misoprostol also has another brand named Cytolog.

What is Emergency Contraception?

Women use emergency contraception as means of preventing pregnancy. EC is especially useful in case of unexpected and unprotected intercourse, birth control failure or in circumstances of the sexual assault. Emergency contraceptive like Plan B pills reduced the risk of pregnancy if taken within 3 days [ 72 hours] of unprotected intercourse.

The difference between abortion pills and emergency contraceptive pills 

1. Usage and efficacy

Abortion Pill – The FDA recommended the regimen for medical abortion is to take 1 pill of Mifepristone [ 200 mg] and then take 4 pills of Misoprostol [ 800 mcg total] 24-48 hours later. The Misoprostol pills are put 2×2 in each cheek pouches and then kept to be dissolved for 30 minutes before swallowing the residue left. Evidence says Mifepristone and Misoprostol combination when used right is 96-98% effective without any complications.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill – The FDA approved usage of a morning after pill, i.e. EC is to take it within three days of unprotected intercourse. The sooner you take the pill the better it is as the efficacy of this pills drop dramatically as time passes. It is the most effective when taken within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse. Man women even buy Plan B online and have it delivered overnight.

2. Mechanism

Abortion Pill – Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone agent which blocks the necessary hormones needed to support the uterine lining that supports the pregnancy. In the absence of the hormone, this uterine lining is broken and the embryo faces detachment. Meanwhile, Misoprostol is an ecbolic agent and causes uterine contractions which help the detached embryonic tissues to be ejected through vaginal discharge.

Emergency Contraceptive pill – Depending upon the time of your cycle when they are taken, the EC pill may delay ovulation, inhibit with the sperm travel through tubes, interfere with the fertilization process to prevent pregnancy.

3. Safety

Abortion pill – Millions of women worldwide get Misoprostol and Mifepristone online and have the pregnancy termination at home. As per statistics, the maternal mortality rate is much higher in childbirth than abortion or miscarriage.

Emergency Contraceptive pill – There are no evidence-based contraindications for EC pills. They do not induce an abortion nor do they affect the developing embryo.

4. Cost

Abortion pill – The average cost of abortion pills is about $350 to $800, given if you have insurance or not. Therefore, many women order Mifepristone and Misoprostol for the cheaper deal.

Emergency Contraceptive pill – The EC pill generally costs $10 to $77 [ per pill], this is why many buy online as Plan B cost is mostly sold at 10 pills at $50, i.e. [$5 per pill] on web pharmacies.

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Mifepristone Abortion Pill Frees Women from Early Pregnancy

Today, pregnancy termination can be done both at clinic or home. With availability of termination tablets over various sources, the costs to the procedure have decreased immensely. Especially Mifepristone cost is negligible when compared to surgical procedure, travel involved to clinic, hospital fee etc. Thus, many are preferring mifepristone medication method for abortion than surgery.

  • The former has around 95% success rate, and can be done to end 4 to 9 week old pregnancy. These tablets are used in more than 85 countries around the world, as per a healthcare industry report. The Mifepristone price may vary according to the course it is obtained from.
  • Only contraindication to Mifepristone abortion method is that it cannot be utilized by those allergic to products, over 35 years of age, having serious health issues, breastfeeding, or with extra-uterine pregnancy. Otherwise healthy individuals can access the tablets without concerns.

DIY Medical Abortion at Home

Intake of anti progesterone tablets detaches fetus from womb’s endometrium lining. The pregnancy parts begin disintegrating, and the womb contractions allow the pregnancy particles to successfully evict. Bleeding from Mifepristone abortion pill is heavy, and recedes to spotting when womb empties out.

Within 30 minutes or few hours from consuming prostaglandin tablets, the cramps and bleeding begin. In early stages of the pregnancy ending, the fetus evicted may not be visible to naked eyes, as the particles are too small. These are passed out with blood clots on use of Mifepristone. For e.g. a six week old embryo is like size of rice grain.

But that in 8th week is of kidney bean size. Fetus of 10 to 12 weeks old is 1 to 3 inches long. If the pregnancy is more than 9 weeks then more tablets would be needed for termination. Thus, it could raise the amount spent on regimen on the whole, yet Mifepristone price is not much, so the person can be worriless.

Duration of Pregnancy Ending Regimen

Most of the terminations in early gestation period occur in few hours of few days from taking prostaglandin tablets. But anti-progesterone pills are also needed to complete the regimen. Thankfully, Mifepristone cost is economical, and the tablet is widely available along with prostaglandins.

In 2 weeks the early pregnancy ends on use of tablets. On the 14th day of regimen, the woman must get womb graphical ultrasound imaging done to know the results of abortion. If Mifepristone abortion pill is not able to end pregnancy, then surgical method has to be utilized to remove fetal sections.

Abortion Pill – Steps And What Women Experience on Medical Abortion?

Being listed as essential medicines by the World Health Organization, and certified as effective by Food and Drug Administration of the U.S., both Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pill are completely safe for use. You can select medical pregnancy termination for their unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester. These tablets are hormone blocker and synthetic agents that aid in ceasing fetal growth and expelling it successfully within a matter or 2 weeks or a little more.

How Many Abortion Pills I will Need?

It is possible for females to go through this process at home or clinic. You can seek assistance for the same by a professional doctor or a family member/close person, if needed. All the information about the tablets’ usage would be available on the medication pack. Take 200mg of Mifepristone (1 to 3 in numbers) and 200mcg Misoprostol (4 to 12 in numbers) orally.
Begin with former medicine on the first day, as it is anti progesterone needed to deter fetal growth. After 2 to 3 days, use Misoprostol tablets. Put 4 of these under tongue and consume them after half an hour. On using more than 4 tablets, ingest the next four and henceforth in similar way, by giving an interval of 3 hours each between intake schedule.

How Do I Relieve My Unwanted Pregnancy?

The anti progesterone mechanism stops supply of progesterone hormone. This hormone helps in forming uterine lining, which supports implantation of pregnant eggs and it’s placing in the womb. In absence of this reproductive agent, the pregnancy contents come off womb wall. The parts begin to deteriorate due to lack of oxygen and nutrition, gradually breaking and dilating cervix.
Misoprostol tablets enable the already mild contractions in uterus to rise in intensity and frequency, speedily dispelling fetal remains. These particles come out of vagina. The flushing out of pregnancy contents is aided by vaginal heavy bleeding. During this process, you can face mild to moderate abdominal spasms and pain because of uterine contractions. Within 2 weeks. For some more weeks, the pregnancy will be ended.

Is Abortion Pill Regimen Safe at Home?

With appropriate guidance or assistance, if the pregnancy is uncomplicated, the medication can be used at home itself. But, you need to be careful about health, and for emergency need keep the contact number of nearest hospital. It will be an added measure to keep transportation services prepared in case of travel to a clinic during the regimen. Stock sanitary pads for the bleeding, and do not take alcohol or smoke before and until recovery is made from medical pregnancy termination.

Why Gestation Period Matters in Pregnancy Ending?

Medical pregnancy ending is effective for you, only if the gestation period is between 4 and 9 weeks, or not more than 12 weeks. After this length, it is risky to consume abortion pill, as the rate of incomplete pregnancy ending is more in such scenario with heightened vulnerability of contacting complications like severe bleeding and cramping. If you have crossed 12 weeks of pregnancy, then meet a doctor to understand if surgical aspiration is suitable for expunging fetal contents.

What are the Side Effects and Precautions?

The medication process may include some side effects like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness etc. But, these eventually die away as the procedure nears completion. It may take up till a month or two for menses to regularize. Until then, you may encounter mild bleeding now and then after successful pregnancy ending.
Do not initiate an overdose, or consume interacting medicine. Keep away from physically stressful routine, and get ample rest. Do not utilize abortion pill if having an ectopic or complicated pregnancy, rather select vacuum aspiration.