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What facts about pregnancy termination should woman need to know?

Termination of pregnancy is a very safe medical procedure. Although free information is abundant on the net, they are sometimes false; however, there are some concrete facts about abortion, which you must know to understand your options- the different kinds of ways of abortions and what you can expect.

What are the different methods of first trimester abortion?

Medical pregnancy termination, also known as the “abortion pills,” consists of taking two medications to end a pregnancy. The other kinds of abortive methods involve invasive procedure and anesthesia. These invasive surgical procedures are carried out by trained doctors/ nurses.

Medical abortion:

Women have to take online abortion pills or from a medical store to have a medical abortion.

It requires 1 tablet of Mifepristone [200 mg] to be taken orally and 4 tablets of Misoprostol [800 mcg – total] to be taken buccally [in the cheek pouches].

The pills together, stop the pregnancy hormones that support the conception parts. In the absence of these essential hormones the conception parts are separated and eventually ejected from the body due to uterine contractions caused by misoprostol pills.

This method has about 97%-98% success rate without complications. The success rate is the greatest when the gestation period is before 8 weeks.

First trimester In- Clinic:

The first trimester in-clinic pregnancy termination is mostly done through aspiration procedure, or as called in layman terms, “suction procedure”. This method includes the doctor to apply gentle suction through tube inserted into the vagina. With this suction, the pregnancy parts are removed.  This method requires invasive tools and anesthesia and it can be done within the first 12 weeks of gestation.

Is abortion safe?

Both medical and in-clinic abortion procedures are very safe. In fact, pregnancy termination procedures are one of the safest medical procedures out there. In the U.S alone, 3 in every 10 women is said to have gone through abortion by the time they reach 45 years of age.

Serious complications during a termination of pregnancy are quite rare; in fact, the ratio of maternal deaths during child birth is far more compared to abortion.

How will I feel after termination of my pregnancy?

You may be required to go for an after the checkup in 14 days after taking the second set of pills.  Usually women go back to work after taking abortion pills pack, as they only cause none to light bleeding/ cramps. However, it is cautioned, to avoid any heavy physical activity/ exercise during the abortion process.

You will experience bleeding and cramping after you take misoprostol pills. While you may or may not experience nausea, vomiting, fever, chills and diarrhea etc.

You can also order abortion pill kit online, as it contains additional side effects management pills to control nausea, cramps, as well as excessive bleeding.

Furthermore, you must carry sanitary pads, thermometer, heating pads/ bottle, comfortable clothes, energy drinks as well as prescription antibiotics during the abortion.  You must ensure you are close to medical help, just in case of emergency. If possible, it is also better to have a close one with you while you abort.

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Accessing Medical Abortion in Private, with no Health Risk

 Medical Abortion

It is completely secure and safe to take help of drug for terminating an early unwanted pregnancy. The procedure is conducted at clinic or home as per the female’s preference. You can use the drugs at home. Furthermore, you can have to buy abortion pills online, ordering the medicines at the residence or elsewhere at convenience. It is possible to get an abortion without surgical support. You can also manage the whole process, and perhaps there will be less spending on the non-invasive process than otherwise.

Can Pregnancy test be done at home after abortion?

You must visit a facility for an ultrasound after terminating a pregnancy.  For certain outcomes, ultrasound, or pelvic examination carried out by a professional is exact to get RU486 abortion confirmation. In order to confirm if the pregnancy ended entirely, the home urine tests or pregnancy kit will not give accurate results, as it takes several weeks for the blood and urine sample to actually depict the hormonal levels required to understand if pregnancy is present or not.

Is it Okay to travel alone on Procedure Completion?

You should not travel in 24 hours after the regimen, as you could be still bleeding heavily or dizzy from the drug. In case you do have to commute, ensure you are not the one operating or driving the vehicle. Have someone to help you during the travel, and tell them to assist with any emergency medical care if needed. If there is a need to travel after intake of Misoprostol drugs, then there is still a risk of cramps and heavy bleeding. In this case, help from others is certainly mandatory.

Which activities can you resume after the regimen?

Medical Abortion recommended not to exercise just after having the medicines. You need to go for follow-up visit later to abortion and speak to the doctor what you can do, and how soon you can resume school or work or any other physical activity. At the most after Medical Abortion process, you must not have intercourse until 2-3 weeks so as to heal the cervix and uterus. Keeping pregnancy with birth control is advised until the first 3 months following the procedure.

How is the bleeding during and following pregnancy end?

During the Medical Abortion, heavy bleeding begins after Misoprostol intake and can go up till few hours of the day in the process. After the pregnancy terminates, the bleeding either ceases or becomes less as menstrual flow or lesser. This can carry on to 6-8 weeks, and in next periods you will not encounter that heavy bleeding as it happened while pregnancy was being aborted.

Which birth control should you choose?

For preventing unwanted pregnancy right away after the termination procedure, oral birth control pills and condom are suitable. Avoid any uterine device or invasive technique to sterilize. Such options may be valid after the body entirely recovers. As for controlling the bleeding, you can take sanitary pads help instead of tampons or any other techniques.

What are the Risks?

Bleeding from the vagina during abortion pill procedure may be heavy. In some cases, you will need a surgical ending of pregnancy and rare a blood transfusion. If there is an event of continued pregnancy, then there is a risk of fetal deformities. It is best to get such pregnancy terminating with aspiration technique at a hospital.



Role of Abortion in Fetal Tissue Research

Role of Abortion in Fetal Tissue Research

The use of fetal tissue from aborted babies has sparked controversies in the United States, where the Planned Parenthood was at stake of losing federal function. Though the organization was accused for using illegal ways of harvesting or selling these parts, there is a larger picture to the whole matter, and that is- how important is fetal tissue research? It is vital at least for the study of genetic disorder, development, HIV, mutations and a lot more. Those who do medical procedure of MTP Kit abortion can donate the fetal parts if they wish- and that is the rule- donate with consent and do not sell.

Studies are ongoing on hepatitis B and C, liver and immune functions, along with stem cells using the tissues from fetuses. By performing the experiments, scientists aim at finding answers to chronic health conditions. Though not an easy choice, biomedical researchers depend on such parts to save human lives. Be it from miscarriage or induced pregnancy termination, donation of tissues from the aborted individual does help in medical study. Now females who get surgical termination may not be always aware how the fetus is treated.

Women’s Health Center Gets Involved in a Murky Scam

This is where Planned Parenthood was criticized for selling the parts without taking consent of the patients, and making millions out of the illegal trade. The activists produced video footage as proof. However, the organization denied authenticity of the tapes. Women can give the fetus parts herself if she decides to buy MTP kit medicines as well. But, if the same is removed by invasive procedure, and the woman does not state her wish how the fetus must be handled, there could be a scope that the same is mistreated.

However, it is difficult to spot the conception parts when it is too early in pregnancy, nonetheless any donation towards medical observations are critical than flushing down the tissues into nothingness, which does no good to anyone. No one knows if the claims that the videos are real must be believed or not, but it did really shake up the United States. Taking permission from the woman who has got her pregnancy removed is something the centers that deal in supplying placental and fetus tissue, must never be avoided.

Contributions to Fetal Parts Study

The move by the organization allowed anti-abortionists to exploit the situation and drive against women who seek pregnancy termination. However, the issue was different, what came to ensue is negative for reproductive healthcare all together, and women began to order MTP Kit online than getting the services or medications from clinic. It is known that internet pharmacies often sell the medicines at cheaper cost than clinics, as they get the products to be dispensed only on prescription, from real manufacturers.

While Planned Parenthood is women’s health provider (non-profit), receiving fund from the government, it indulges in contraception and cancer screening as well, aiming to meet needs of poor women. It contributes to three percent of all the services out of 700 clinics, while only a handful of centers provide fetal tissue for research. However, the scam (be it true or not) lead to death of three people from the Colorado clinic where a person shot over report ‘no more baby parts’.